5 best films directed by Xavier Dolan

Xavier Dolan, which is often considered a wunderkind of modern cinema – the owner of the extravagant talent that covers the work of the Director, writer, costume designer, editor, and actor. In this material vogue.ua considering the best Director’s work that brought him worldwide fame.

In the opening scene the film Dolan’s “I killed my mother” there is a clear courage, longing and authenticity that set the strip apart from other cinematic depictions of the life of teenagers. Dolan wrote the script of the film, when he was 16 years old. He also played a major role in the film.

Daring, romantic, thoughtful, ambitious three-hour epic Dolan tells the story of how, over time, self-actualization and self-esteem can destroy and develop relations between two people. In the center of the plot – a transgender male. The event takes place in the period from late 1980s to the late 1990-ies, describing in detail the physical transition, confrontation and, especially, relationships with friends and family.

The first genre film Dolan’s “Tom at the farm” is a psychological Thriller that, despite the fact that it does not fully uses the tradition of its genre, presents a compelling examination of the boundaries of masculinity, as well as brilliant abilities Dolan to create an ominous, exciting and extremely stylized atmosphere. “Tom at the farm” tells the story of a young man who after the recent suicide of his boyfriend, Guillaume travels to the canadian countryside to visit and stay with the family of the deceased. The film’s plot is based on the play by Michel Marc Bouchard.

With the film “Mommy,” Dolan returns to the familiar territory of the relationship between mother and son with refreshing, innovative and Mature point of view. Unlike his poluboyarinova debut, “the Mummy” tells the story of a strong and independent woman who struggles to keep and raise her eccentric, unstable, tyrannical son. The film was screened in the main competition program of the Cannes film festival 2014 where it received the jury Prize and also received the prize “Cesar” in the category “Best foreign film”.

Adapted for the eponymous play by Jean-Luc Lagarce the film Dolan retires impulsive, confused and emotionally unstable young people who have become the trademark of his previous paintings to focus on the dynamics of an unbalanced, overly volatile family reunion. Much of the success of the film due to a brilliant cast, which included all the stars of modern French cinema: Natalie Bay, Vincent Cassel, Marion Cotillard, Lea seydoux and Gaspard Ulliel. The film was screened in the main competition program of the Cannes film festival 2016, where he received the Grand Prix of the jury.


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