101-year-old grandpa from Italy – a new meme coronavirus. After all, he was able to recover from COVID-19 and to survive the Spanish fl

The news that the 101-year-old resident of Italy have recovered from coronavirus infection, has caused a lot of discussions on Reddit.

An elderly man instantly became a hero of the portal, because he not only won COVID-19, but was born during the Spanish flu pandemic. I believe that’s the old new rival to Queen Elizabeth, joke redditors, and we clearly want his blood.

Italy remains one of the most suffering a pandemic of a novel coronavirus countries. According to Worldometer, March 27, in the state in the Apennines was 80 589 cases COVID-19, while in China the figure is 81 340. A day in Italy increased 6203 patients. While recovered from infection 10 361 patient, and died 8215 citizens in China (at least according to official statistics) for a disease and died much less people, 3292.

In difficult conditions, a real ray of hope for Italy was a case of recovery from COVID-19 the elderly man who was among a group of risk. That 101-year-old patient overcome coronavirus infection, said the Deputy head of the city of Rimini Gloria Lisi, writes Rimini Today.

“This morning, – said the clerk,’ I announced a little news: Mr P. from Rimini, who confirmed COVID-19, was discharged from the hospital Infermi in Rimini and returned home. Last week, Mr. P. went to the hospital in Rimini test positive for coronavirus infection. And in a matter of days was the [incredible] story for doctors, nurses and all medical staff.”

According to Lizzie, the patient was born in 1919 in the midst of another pandemic. Representative government refers to a mass flu H1N1, unofficially known as the Spanish flu, or simply Spanish. The global epidemic raged in 1918-1919, said the website of the American Center for control and prevention of diseases, and is considered the most severe pandemic in modern history. In the material about the Spanish portal of Stanford University argued that because of the illness of life left 20-40 million people – more than due to the First world war.

The Italian official added that Mr. P. was taken to the family home on March 25. According to women, the history of grandpa teaches us: even when you’re 101 years old, your future is not a foregone conclusion.

Mr. P. is not the first survivor, who managed to cope with coronavirus infection. In China, for example, from COVID-19 recovered 100-year-old man and a 103-year-old woman (in this case, the first patient had other serious health problems). But the victory over the virus Italian grandfather went to the social media much stronger. The news of Mr. P. in the following days, landed on Reddit, where users of the portal not only from the heart glad for the old man and began to joke about the strength of his immune system.


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