(Ra) – live show COLLECTION spring-summer

LITKOVSKAYA brand presented a video about the fashion show spring-summer 2020 show was held in Paris on 25 September 2019. The collection itself was dedicated to the newborn daughter Lily Litkovskaya.

According to Lily Litkovskaya, a new collection of her brand spring-summer 2020 is “one day of life and a whole life in one day”, “a series of images of important moments.” In turn, these images capture the combination of silk and sheer organza dress with twisted detail, demonstrirovalsya suits made of wool and covered with oilcloth cotton, evening dresses and graphic leather stuff.

This season Litkovskaya focuses on the sharp shoulder line, and uses the traditional tailor approach to suit. Here there are details specific female underwear – corset hooks, the underwire of the strapless bodice. Fabrics are mixed, twisted, scattered fringe. The color palette of the collection ranges from white and gold to red and dark blue.

Integrating art in their collections from season to season, this time the designer continues the cooperation with the Milanese sculptor Tatiana Brodach. The necklace with two balancing suspensions, reminiscent of prehistoric figurines of men and women as a symbol of the beginning, those parts which merge together at the moment of birth each of us.


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