30 may 2020 – what’s today’s religious and secular holiday, folk omens, birthdays, this day in history of Ukraine and the world

Today, may 30 – 151-day leap year 2020 in the Gregorian calendar. This day corresponds to may 17 of the Julian calendar.

Sunrise in Ukraine will be may 30 at 04:54:32, sunset at 20:59:25. The duration will be 16 hours and 04 minutes (+1:57 minutes).

May 30, the age of the moon (number of days – for 24 hours – have passed since the last new moon) – 7.23. The moon tonight will be young. The percentage illumination of the moon – 48.4 %. Moonset will be at 02:19:23.

What is the Orthodox Church the feast is celebrated 30 may

Today, may 30, Orthodox venerate:

– the memory of the disciple from the seventy Andronicus and the Holy Iunie, relatives of the Apostle Paul (first century);

memory of the nun Evphrosynia, in the world Eudoxia, Grand Duchess of Moscow (1407.);

The Venerable Eudoxia Of Moscow

– the martyrs of Solomona, Pamphamir and Pamphalon warriors (284 – 305 gg.);

the memory of St. Stephen I, Patriarch of Constantinople (893 g);

– finding of the relics of the MonkMartyr Adrian Andrushovskoho (1549).

What international holiday and a memorable date is celebrated may 30

May 30 at the international level celebrate:

World day of tai Chi and Qigong. Taijiquan (tai Chi) – “the fist of Great Limit”, Chinese martial art, one of the types of Wushu. Qigong is a traditional exercise complexes that have arisen on the basis of Taoist alchemy and partly Buddhist psychopractice. Performed for health or medical purposes. World day of tai Chi and Qigong has gained its international status at the turn of the century. Then on the lawn Museum of art in Kansas city gathered about 200 followers of the ancient techniques.

The technique of tai Chi

– World day of fight against asthma and allergies. The holiday was founded by the decision of the world health organization and is celebrated annually on may 30 with the world day of the sick allergies.

Anxious women may 30, celebrating feminism. They selected the date because it was the day he was executed Joan of Arc.

In Peru, 30 may celebrate the national day of the potato in Germany – a Feast of strawberries.

May 30, in France celebrates the Day of St Joan of Arc.

Catholics this day is celebrated the Day of St. Ferdinand of Castile. This Spanish ruler lived in the first half of the 13th century and became famous with the liberation of the Kingdom from the Moorish invaders.

There are still a few unusual, funny and curious festivals that celebrate may 30:

– Day Loomis. Malon Loomis, an American dentist, known as one of the pioneers of radio engineering, author of one of the first patents on wireless telegraphy;

– In the US – the Day of Ronnie James dio. Noted in Los Angeles after the singer in the style of heavy metal;

– Day “Field flowers”. On this day, anyone who forgets to water the flowers, it is recommended to do this (unless of course, the flowers have survived to this day);

– International day hug your cat. Here everything is clear. If you have a cat – it is recommended urgently to embrace it.

What a feast and a memorable date is celebrated in Ukraine on 30 may

May 30, Ukraine celebrates the Day of workers of publishing houses, Polygraphy and book distribution. This day is celebrated annually on the last Saturday in may. The holiday was established in 1999.

May 30 – the Day the Ukrainian city of Korosten (Zhytomyr region). Korosten was founded in 705 and was called Iskorosten. Were burned by Princess Olga as revenge for the murder of Drevlyane husband, Prince Igor.

And 30 may – the day of the city of the city of Kalush (Ivano-Frankivsk region). The city was founded in 1437.

May 30, born in Ukraine such well-known people:

– Ukrainian sculptor and painter Alexander Archipenko (1887).

Famous historical events in Ukraine and the world 30 may

30 may 1416 by the Inquisition were burned, the Czech religious reformer, associate of John Huss, Jerome of Prague.

May 30, 1431 in Rouen was burned Joan of Arc.

Joan of Arc at the stake

May 30, 1631 the first release of La Gazette. It was the first French newspaper. It is considered the first European newspaper to meet modern standards.

30 may 1871 – the day of the fall of the Paris commune.

30 may 1876 by the Russian Emperor Alexander II signed the EMS decree, which forbade the printing in the Ukrainian language all original works and translations, to give stage shows, read lectures in the Ukrainian language, as well as the import of Ukrainian publications from abroad.

May 30, 1884 was inaugurated the Catherine railway that connected the Donbas and Kryvbas.

May 30, 1896 on the outskirts of Moscow came the infamous stampede at Khodynka field.

30 may 1953 in the journal Nature published an article by James Watson and Francis Crick, they proposed the structural model of the DNA double helix.

On may 30, 1959 on the Isle of Wight (England) has passed the first test of a hovercraft.

30 may 1971 the launch of the automatic interplanetary station “Mariner-9” to Mars.

Folk omens, traditions, and holidays may 30

May 30, the people celebrated Evdokia Svistunya.

This day in the people, it was decided to Spud potatoes. May 30, watched the signs. It was believed that what is Evdokiya – and this is summer. Born in rainy Evdokia moon the wet fly. If this day still blows the North wind – the summer cold.

May 30 this day revered Saint Andronicus (Andrena, as it was called in Russia). Andronicus was considered the rescuer of drought. With this purpose, often on this day, the peasants came out in the open field, bowed on all four sides, took an aspen branch, chopping it and stuck into the ground. This was folk magic.

Birthday may 30

Today celebrate their birthday:

– Andronicus,

– Ionia,

– Dodo,

– Eudoxia,

– Solomon,



– Stefan.


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