400 million UAH in cash. Poroshenko has shown the Declaration for 2019

04.06.2020, 08:02


Fifth President Poroshenko for the year earned more than 770 million, paid taxes and military duty in the amount of more than 186 million UAH

In 2019, the fifth President Petro Poroshenko earned more than 770 million UAH. This is stated in his Declaration, published on the website of the national Agency for countering corruption.

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Most of the revenue (more than 606 million) he received from the investment Fund “Prime essets Kepital”. The politician is the beneficial owner of 28 companies.

More than 109 million earned Poroshenko as the redemption value of and investment income of bonds of internal state loan (government bonds). He received the salary of the President in the amount of more than 128 000 and MP – 159 000. As a member of the party of European solidarity earned more than 9000.

Fifth President of the total paid for the year, more than 186 million of taxes and military duty.

The politician has declared more than UAH 400 million and $47.8 million dollars in cash. In his accounts – a $3.9 million, almost 13 000 € and 8.1 million UAH (payment in non-banking institution). Lawyer Poroshenko received nearly 120,000 pounds of compensation for the transfer policy. The fifth President took $1 million Sergey Zaitsev and 1 million UAH Lydia Moskalenko.

Poroshenko owns a house in Kozin area of 1335 square meters in 30 million, three apartments in Kyiv and one in Vinnitsa, three plots of land in Kozin and three in Kiev.

Fleet policy – Mercedes-BENZ Vito 116 CDI 2010, his wife drives a Jaguar XF 4.2 L V8 2008. Poroshenko has official car Mercedes-BENZ S 500L 4Matic and 2015 Mercedes-BENZ S600L 2015, which are the property of the party of the EU.

He also pointed out a number of hours, furniture, branded clothes and other valuable things belonging to him and his family.

  • May 28 the Russian Forbes for the first time in 2016 published a list of the 10 richest Ukrainians. The top 3 included Rinat Akhmetov – $2.8 billion, Victor Pinchuk – $1.4 billion, Petro Poroshenko – $1.4 billion.

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