7-year-old girl scratched 37 cars to make them more beautiful

The child’s parents will pay for antics about 2.3 million rubles.

Police in the German city of Zwickau a week trying to track down the vandal who defaced almost 40 vehicles in the County. In the end it turned out that the culprit was a seven year old girl.

In the police Department said that just from the girl’s hands were injured and 37 vehicles. Now parents will have to pay quite a large amount of damage – about 30 million euros or 2.3 million rubles at the current rate. Police have spent seven days trying to catch the vandal, who regularly spoil the car. Only on the eighth day they managed to detain the intruder, a little girl was caught red-handed at the crime scene.

The girl immediately confessed that she scratched the car. She regularly picked up the stone and painted on the cars snowflakes.

As she admitted in a conversation with the police, she thought she was doing something bad, but rather wanted to make them prettier.

At the end of last year, a similar case happened in China – the parents came with a three year old child in the dealership of Audi, but until they talked about the car, the girl grabbed a stone and scratched 10 new cars for five million rubles.

The main automotive news last day – in the video below:


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