Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport filmed on the track (VIDEO)

These supercars will only build 60 units.

In mid-may, we told you about that barely quarantine regime began to weaken, Bugatti resumed lapping chassis fresh special version of the supercar the Chiron. Option Sport Pur sent laps on the track Bilster Berg in Germany – and then we were shown only a photo workflow. And now we have the juicy video.

Take the movie half a minute of personal time – such a machine in their natural habitat rarely see. Even test driver Sven Bonhorst could not resist the compliment: he was, he says, did not want to leave the cockpit after the run.

Recall, limited Chiron Sport Pur sharpen specifically on the Amateur ride around the “ring”. Luxury car in special version lost 50 kg, received a special suspension settings (they are apparently now finally finished), a short box, the drift mode. Rev limit vosjmimetrovaya W16 moved to 6,900, although the capacity remained at the level of 1500 HP

Bonhorst organized in the following pattern: a warm up lap, two “combat”, cooling and returning to the pits. These short sessions allow faster to experiment with calibrations and check them in action, comparing.

And the time that the Bugatti is not much. The production of limited edition Pur Chiron Sport 60 copies should start in the second half of 2020.



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