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15.06.2020, 19:00


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1. OIL BECOMES CHEAPER AGAINST GROWTH OF NEW OUTBREAKS OF CORONAVIRUS IN THE UNITED STATES AND CHINA. June 15, oil fell more than 2%, increasing the loss compared to last week. Investors fear that a renewed outbreak of coronavirus in the United States and China increase the risk of recovery of demand for fuel (more).

2. The CORONAVIRUS. KIEV AND THE TEN PROVINCES ARE NOT READY TO A WEAKENING OF THE QUARANTINE. The highest incidence of coronavirus in the last week – in the Volyn region (read more).

3. NBU ASKED THE SUPREME COURT TO APPLY THE “ANDIKALOVSKY” THE LAW IN THE CASE OF SURKIS. The lawyers of the National Bank (NBU) filed an application to the Grand chamber of the Supreme court about application of norms of the so-called “anticolonial” of the law in the process of recognition of the family of Surkis related parties PrivatBanka (read more).

4. SOCIAL POLICY MINISTER CALLED THE REAL COST OF LIVING. In the Ministry consider that for the calculation of the subsistence minimum is necessary to take the figures of the Ministry of health is required for human foods (read more).

5. THE MINISTRY OF SOCIAL POLICY ANNOUNCED THE INCREASE IN THE MINIMUM WAGE. Minister of social policy said that raising the minimum wage is expected in the second half of the year (more).

6. ZELENSKY CALLED ON THE PARLIAMENT TO URGENTLY ADOPT A LAW ON ASSISTANCE TO TOURISM AND THE CREATIVE SECTOR. The head of state asked the speaker of Parliament Razumkov urgently adopt the draft law No. 3377 on support for tourism, creative industry and culture (more).

7. A BRIBE OF $6 MILLION. THE FIRST DEPUTY HEAD OF KYIV TAX ARRESTED, BAIL – 84 MILLION. Dismissed first Deputy Chief of head Department of the State tax service in Kiev Nikolay Ilyashenko, which appears in business about a bribe in the amount of $6 million, arrested with the right to bail (read more).

8. CVU: HALF OF THE FACTION OF THE SERVANTS OF THE PEOPLE ARE MILLIONAIRES. According to the electronic declarations by 153 deputies of the faction of the servant of the people – the millionaires (read more).

9. UKRAINE OPENED THE AIR SERVICE. CRICKLEY TOLD ABOUT THE FLIGHTS. Ukraine has resumed regular international passenger transportation. The first flight from Minsk to Kiev took today Boryspil airport (read more).

10. BEGAN LANDING. THE SENTENCE ANTICORODAL DEPUTY KIEVOBLSOVETA TO FIVE YEARS IN PRISON. June 15, the Highest anti-corruption court convicted the Deputy of the Kiev regional Council in influence peddling (read more).

11. DEPUTY PRIME MINISTER FOR EUROPEAN INTEGRATION STEFANYSHYNA – A SUSPECT IN THE CASE OF LUCAS. Stefanyshina said that working in the Ministry of justice during the revolution of dignity acted within the law, and the fact Lucas has “nominal character” (read more).

12. CASE STERNENKO. POLICE BEAT KICKING DETAINEES ON TRIAL: PICTURES, VIDEOS. In front of the Shevchenkivskiy district court of Kyiv, where now choose a measure of restraint to the suspect of a premeditated murder of public figure Sergei Sternenko, clashed with the law enforcers (read more).

13. THE MINISTRY OF EDUCATION: WE ARE READY TO HOLD THE VNO, ITS ABOLITION IS INVALID. Education Minister Lubomir Manzi said that the abolition of UPE will create risks of corruption (more).

14. UKRAINE IS IN THE PIPELINE INSISTS ON THE RESTORATION ACTIONS OF THE UKRAINIAN LAWS IN ARDLE. Ukrainian delegation at the meeting of the TAG stressed the need to complete the restoration actions of the Ukrainian legislation in the temporarily occupied territories of Donetsk and Lugansk regions of Ukraine, the recovery tax systems and calculations in the framework of Ukrainian legal field (read more).

15. IN UKRAINE, INTRODUCE A “TAX ON THE BLANKS”: THE COMPUTERS AND SMARTPHONES RISE. In Ukraine almost 5% can appreciate smartphones, tablets, laptops, TVs, audio systems, hard drives, printers, and office paper because of the new fee for private copying (read more).

16. PUBLISHED RATING OF THE MOST POPULAR SITES IN UKRAINE IN MAY. In may 2020, the Ukrainians actively visited online shopping and the marketplace (read more).

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