77-year-old star of the Russian Federation Vovk told about clinical death because of the pregnancy

77-year-old Russian TV host, the star of the show, “song of the year” and “good night, kids” angelina Vovk survived clinical death

Cause health problems became severe ectopic pregnancy. About it it is told in the project “the Destiny of man” (see video at the end of the news).

In connection with the diagnosis, angelina Vovk was unable to become a mother. She was 33 years old and, according to doctors, she miraculously survived.

The tragedy occurred when angelina M. was married to the first husband – speaker Gennady devil. During the filming of “the Blue light” the presenter abruptly became ill, and it urgently delivered in clinic of Sklifosovsky.

“It was an ectopic pregnancy. The doctor, having examined me, said he needed to make an incision in the abdomen, and I already had a vague consciousness. He was going to do it without anesthesia. I answered, saying, not stand the same! The medic ordered me to give the receipt that if I die, this will not meet the employees of the clinic… For my life, fought for two months. Every day I was on the verge of life and death – lay all the tubes, didn’t eat, lost weight, probably 20 pounds,” admitted the star.

Doctors were unable to explain the cause of the failure Vovk in the body. She was also diagnosed with pneumonia, began blood poisoning.

“Began to pour blood, as it was septic. It was a terrifying ordeal, which is not wish to anyone. Was clinical death: I suffered very serious, and suddenly I felt so good. I felt that I don’t ache, and ahead – a corridor through which I was flying. And then I heard the cry of a mother, a doctor…” – openly shared wolf.



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