the WBC has recognized him as an honorary Boxing champion

Six-year-old boy named Bridger Walker saved her sister from a dog attack. For this act the world Boxing organization (WBC) recognized him as an honorary champion.

Bridger saved his younger sister, which was attacked by an angry dog. The boy puts himself under attack, having received numerous facial injuries. This story happened on July 9, writes the channel 24.

“We have awarded six-year-old Bridger Walker honorary WBC champion for his courageous actions that reflect the best human qualities. Bridger, you’re a hero!” – says the official Twitter account of WBC.

What is known about the heroic act Bridger Walker

The story of a brave 6-year-old boy from the United States Bridger Walker shook the entire world. Recently, the network appeared the information that he defended his younger sister from the attack of a German shepherd and thereby hurt himself. The act of a little American surprised even Hollywood stars, so they turned to him with his enthusiasm.

Now 4-year-old sister Bridger feels good, while her brother has left as many as 90 stitches on the face. The boy not only has a large scar on face and bruises. However, he confidently notes that: “If one of us must die, let it be me”.

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