15 years wanted. In Mariupol taken from the apartment of the missing girl, DOCUMENTS

Fraud with apartments in Mariupol happen for many years. One of the most mysterious machinations occurred in the city 15 years ago. It is still unknown exactly how it did and where did the landlady.


The 0629 edition addressed the citizens of Mariupol, who after the investigation,”a Free lunch. How to borrow 1500 dollars and stay flat” was surprised by the coincidence of names. Stanislav P, which gives the team in debt money secured nedvijimosti the same name and patronymic as a participant in the Scam 15-year-old Dmitry P.

Back in 2005, Dmitry P. received a one-bedroom apartment on the street of the 9th air Division. Allegedly the landlady took the money from him in debt, and when unable to repay, offered to take the apartment. Perhaps such a thing might not be resonance, if the young owner of the apartment Victoria Lisachuk mysteriously vanished…

“I knew this girl, lived nearby, told Mariupol. – She was shy and led quite a solitary life”.

The girl’s parents died and because she lived in the apartment alone. Once worked as a cleaner at the school, then got a job as a seamstress in a factory. Addictions to alcohol and drugs had. Other relatives and friends the girl had, but because her disappearance was not noticed.

“We just noticed that the apartment is unoccupied. The balcony was always open, even in winter, just like Windows. On the windowsill wilted flowers, as if the apartment is abandoned, – says Mariupol. Is visible from the street, because the balcony is not glazed, and the third floor”.

The man does not remember how many precisely in this state was flat. Suggests that two years.

How did the deal

In 2005, the apartment suddenly invaded by strangers – they opened the old door, brought out the furniture, carpets, everything.

“They quickly changed the doors on the metal, replaced the Windows with plastic,” says Mariupol.

The alarm was sounded by neighbors in the vestibule, which was surprised by the incident. The landlady they did not see for a long time, but who are these people and why Victoria didn’t take your stuff?

And at this point in the case was included Dmitry P, who said that Victoria gave him an apartment in exchange for a debt.

How true is this, to know it was impossible. After all, Dimitri was even able to win a court case on behalf of the girl for 2 years nobody saw the eyes. As it turned out, after the death of his grandfather, father and grandmother she inherited. But Dmitry has achieved for entry into law without her presence. April 18, 2005, judge Chuck E. In priznavanjeto legitimate owner of the apartment.

June 6, 2005 private notary of Tanaji G signed an agreement for the sale of the apartment. The seller of the apartment specified Dmitry P. Cost kopeck piece – 11 thousand UAH.

According to the agreement of purchase and sale Dmitry behalf of Victoria Lisachuk sold her apartment to a Greek citizen. Interestingly, shortly after this apartment again resold.

Was there a boy?

In 2005, the case of the missing girl took journalists Mariupol TV. They met up with Dmitry, who said that she gave him power of attorney to his apartment. However, the signature does not belong to her, and some unknown friend, as Victoria herself at that moment was wearing a cast.

Important point – for the transaction of purchase and sale need a paper on the composition of the family, who at that time was issued at the housing office. The house where she lived, Victoria was served by KP “Elf-4”, but a certificate was never issued. According to the staff, they came to two girls who wanted to obtain this certificate, but they refused. They said that Victoria sits in the car, but nobody saw.

To meet with the notary of Tanaji, who took on prospect, failed. Immediately after the visit of journalists he closed his office and left Mariupol. To find a notary journalists 0629 managed in 2020 – he works as a notary in Kiev, Lev Tolstoy square.

As for Dmitry, it is known that in 2015 he stood in deputies of city Council of Mariupol. And his brother (both written in a high-rise building on the street Philip Orlik – approx. ed.) trades fast loans secured by real estate.

According to the press service of the police of Mariupol Victoria Lisachuk still missing.

“I tried to check on the status of her case, but it turned out that all the documents were burned during a fire in the police Department. There was only one leaf, that it is registered in search,” – said addressed to the editor of Mariupol.

From a girl in 2005 was only 29 years old, have left nothing, not even pictures. Her stuff thrown away, the apartment is sold. Where she can only guess.

If you have any information about the fate of Victoria Listicon call the reaction 0629 number: 098-234-6366.



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