500 characters combo on one button and the other details about Shenmue III and a new trailer

Recently, the unveiling of the latest information on Shenmue III – infrequent event. The happier that the event Magic 2019 series Creator Yu Suzuki (Yu Suzuki) held a 40-minute conference, which revealed details about the long-awaited game. In addition, there introduced a new movie – he’s waiting for you at the end of the news.

A Japanese developer told me that in Shenmue III you will meet about 500 NPC – as much as 10 times more than originally planned amount. This should make the third part closer to the previous games in the series, where about the same number of characters.

Trikvel pays a lot of attention to the fishing system. Players will be able to visit a fishing shop where you can buy bait, fishing rods and other necessary equipment. The game will be a lot of places for fishing, a variety of fish species and related events like a fishing competition. The catch will sell.

The combat system in Shenmue was originally borrowed a lot from other creations Suzuki – the fighting game series, Virtua Fighter. Despite the fact that Shenmue III departed from the usual combat formula, some recognizable items remained in place from previous games in the series will move part of movements and blows.

For those who will be difficult to cope with local combo system, the developers will offer a simplified version of one trigger/button will assign a combination of up to five movements and attacks. However, the “manual” system is not going anywhere. The more you use a given shot, the stronger it will become until you reach the maximum throughput.

As in previous games in the series, the music in Shenmue III will play a very important role. Other details about it , Suzuki is not told, but remembered that in his childhood he was forced to learn classical music is brought to the internal protest of the developer, so he began to love rock.

Items will be less likely to gather dust in your inventory – they will often use in certain situations. Three game cities contain a bunch of different stores, the prices on the same products each of which may be materially different. In order not to lose all the endurance and the money, the hero needs to eat well, but it will have to look for the cheapest point of sale.

If Shenmue III once again takes, the game will be released on August 27 of this year on PC and PlayStation 4.


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