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In England and Wales found tens of thousands of real estate objects, which are recorded on anonymous companies registered in offshore zones.

The total cost of the property may amount to 100 billion pounds. Such research data published by a non-governmental organization Global Witness.

Who really belongs to the anonymous property? 40% of the objects this property located in London. In particular, in the historic district of the British capital London counted no less than 10 thousand objects of such property.

In Global Witness concludes that real estate in the UK is one of the favorite tools of corrupt officials from around the world to launder the stolen money. In General, about the London property owned by an anonymous company.

These investigations provided the Committee of the British Parliament. That, in turn, is preparing a bill that needs to get companies, registered abroad, to publicly register their beneficial ownership to companies house of the Kingdom.

Such a system should disclose the names of anonymous owners of British property, and those who have been involved in money laundering will be prosecuted and fined.

The law the UK government promised to introduce by the summer of 2019.

Journalists of the program “Schemes” showing super-expensive real estate of the Ukrainian oligarchs in the UK.

Watch video about real estate of the rich Ukrainian in London:

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