“1+1” has filed a lawsuit against Poroshenko on 1 million UAH

16 APR media group “1+1” appealed to the Pechersky district court of Kiev with a claim against the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. It is reported by TSN.

Requires the plaintiff to protect his reputation, to oblige the head of state to refute the false information published in Facebook, and to compensate moral damages in the amount of 1 million UAH.

These funds the company has promised to transfer to the Fund of assistance to the army, “Turn alive”.

“According to the media, the information spread by the Petro Poroshenko in Facebook-publication and news based on an interview with the President “Radio HB” creates the false notion that the informational activity of the channel is negative, biased and prejudiced nature and is probably associated with violations of the law, because the media, according to the President, influence and pressure the owner of the channel [Igor Kolomoisky] who “declared war on the state”, that is, harms all citizens of Ukraine. This has a negative impact on the reputation of the group 1+1 media, which is accumulating for years, undermines the authority and credibility of information activities, discreditied the media in the eyes of the audience and partners, including the international”, – stated in the message.

In “1+1” pointed out that we are talking about words, said Poroshenko during a speech, a video of which was published on 28 March: “What would me say workers intimidated Kolomoisky’s “1+1″ – nothing to do with truth it has no”; “the Main tool for spreading lies during the last months, sadly, was “1+1″. This channel turned into obedient executor of political orders of its owner”; “And this was the reason for the information war, which the owner of the “pros” unleashed against the state. Do not hesitate to have all the pieces to duplicate fakes from Russian TV channels – just rewriting and relaying, except that the only thing they do translate it into Ukrainian. And that would be about me or say intimidated Kolomoisky employees of this channel, you know – nothing to do with truth and nothing to do even with such honest journalism it has”; “And nothing to do with the journalism activities of this channel now I do not have.”

“So…actually Poroshenko said that the channel “1+1” carries out its activities contrary to legislation, the editorial policy of the channel and the requirements of journalistic ethics, about spreading false information, and also argues that journalists and employees of the TV channel “1+1″ act under pressure, influence and intimidation of the ultimate beneficial owner. I note that the statement is untrue”, – said on “1+1”.

Representatives of the TV channel stated that “the number of accusations and false information that has accumulated to the media, its journalists and employees from the head of the state has reached a critical level”.

“There is no evidence in confirmation of his words, Poroshenko did not provide either during the release of this information, nor as of the date of filing of the claim, apology, journalists have not heard. The President took advantage of this opportunity and then, when uninvited, using his status of the head of state is actually “occupied” the live broadcast of the program “Right to Vlad,” to the surprise of the drafting group and leading,” said representatives of the plaintiff.

In the media group stressed that all of their journalists and employees “have each their own political preferences, they are not forced, not intimidating, not impose their opinions, in their work they are guided by generally accepted standards”.

“1+1″ is the only TV channel which allows itself to objective criticism of the President,” – said the TV channel.

March 31 was held the first round of presidential elections in Ukraine. According to the official data of the CEC, for the showman Vladimir Zelensky voted 30,24% of the vote for Poroshenko – by 15.95%. They advance to the second round of elections which will take place on 21 April.

Poroshenko called Zelensky “a puppet of Kolomoysky”.


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