11 IPhone has become the most popular smartphone in the first quarter of

According to the research company Omdia, iPhone 11 was the most popular smartphone in the first quarter of this year, despite the fact that due to the coronavirus, the world has created a tense situation. The report says that for the first three months of the year, Apple shipped 19.5 million iPhone about 11.

With a huge backlog from the leader of the second line of the rating took Omdia Samsung Galaxy A51, the volume of which amounted to 6.8 million units. Next are Xiaomi smartphones Redmi Note and Redmi Note 8 8 Pro, whose sales in the first quarter reached values of 6.6 million and 6.1 million, respectively. Sales of iPhone XR, which was the best-selling smartphone in the first quarter of last year, for the first three months of this year reached 4.7 million copies. As for the other models of the current generation iPhone, the volume of deliveries iPhone 11 Pro in the quarter amounted to 3.8 million units, and iPhone 11 Pro Max is 4.2 million units.

More than five years, even taking into account the changing conditions in the wireless communications market and the global economy in the smartphone business remains the same one: Apple takes first or second place in the ranking Omdia in volumes of global shipments. Apple’s success is the result of the company’s strategy, based on a relatively small number of models. This allows the company to focus its efforts on a small number of products that are designed for a wide range of consumers and are sold in extremely large volumes, “- said the Director of research of the smartphone market in Omdia juicy Hong (Jusy Hong).


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