16-year-old world champion in draughts-64 was named the foods that help him win

A landmark for our state victory, the young man from Kosovo was won at the youth world Championships, which was held in Turkish Izmir, the newspaper “Express”.

Ukraine there was represented by 9 players, which has won 18 awards, more awards — in the Orestes of Glory, which won first place in classical, rapid and blitz. Thus became the absolute champion of the world!

“I was five years old playing chess, and checkers only do six and a half years — says the boy. Interested in them by chance: I saw from the kid down the Board and began to compete with him. Then played with his father, and later began to attend a draughts school.” Next was dozens of different competitions, workouts, sitting too long on the combinations and such a nice victory.

A month before the championship the guy trained for 3 — 4 hours a day playing electronic checkers on Skype to communicate and work with a trainer, sitting behind books, solved matching tasks.

“The game of checkers — intelligent, — says Konstantin Baltagi, Orestes coach, international referee and Vice President of the draughts Federation of Ukraine.— Therefore, our athletes must be very careful to have a good memory, respond instantly to every move of the opponent, a few seconds to assess the situation and, of course, to stay ahead of the moves. For this exercise they remember thousands of combinations”.

By the way, good nutrition for players is very important. Special diets athletes and intellectuals have not. But to drink Pepsi or Coca-Cola, eating chips and crackers — not!

“Before a competition I eat nuts, a few pieces of dark chocolate, fruit. In General, almost do not eat sausage, fried, salty and fatty,” says Orest Glory.

In school, favorite subjects, a young physical education, mathematics, geography. According to the mother of the champion, Tatyana, in addition to checkers, Orestes is playing with friends in football, basketball, tennis, Billiards, skiing, Hiking walks.

And it also helps parents with the housework, teaching her to play chess and checkers. To disco the young man indifferent, but has a lot of friends. In the future, the absolute world champion in draughts wants to become an it specialist or architect.


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