49-year-old Tatyana Bulanov without makeup compared with zvezdami-peers

The star showed how the front looks without the “war paint”.

On the eve of the fiftieth anniversary of the singer Tatyana Bulanova completed a course of rejuvenating beauty treatments. She decided to show the result of the work of physicians on his page in Instagram.

Photo 49-year-old Tatiana, in the opinion of the fans threw at least ten years from his current age.

For contrast Bulanova showed looked like 25 years ago, in 1994. Then, at the height of musical fame Tatiana, magazines, printed posters with her, however, it shamelessly photoshop.

Because of the abundance of retouching old photo commenters on her page I decided that the singer is unlikely to have changed the face: in particular, the shape of the lips, the silhouette of the eyebrows and even landing eye. However, a recognizable birthmark under her left eye remained in its place.

Fans compare the appearance Bulanovoj with her star of her age – of course, on the photos without makeup. According to commentators, achievements of cosmetology have made of today’s women in the age of “about fifty” young beauties.

For example, Evelina Bledans, which, as Bulanov, a couple of years ago I broke up with her husband, looks amazing.

In addition, the comments of Tatiana remembered a lolita Milyavskaya – she’s a little older than her 55 years, but she also loves to be photographed without makeup and to show the public how she really looks.


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