49-year-old Naomi Campbell has stirred up a network of bare buttocks and slender legs

The celebrity has caused a mixed reaction in the network

Naomi Campbell, which in may of this year has been 49 years, known for his love of the sport. Legendary supermodel a lot of time on appearance, but because every time her “naked” photos only cause a violent reaction. This time, it was a little different.

Naomi recently became the heroine of the new advertising campaign for Calvin Klein where she starred in underwear together with his young colleague, Bella Hadid. I must say that a significant difference in age in any case did not prevent the Black Panther. Her body was slim and toned – which once delighted fans of the stars around the world. A few hours ago Naomi shared another shot from this shoot. But this time caused not so unanimous delight.

Supermodel posing in panties and top from the new collection, standing in front of the mirror on tiptoes and making a selfie. Slender legs, slim waist and overall silhouette is flawless 49-year-old model was met with pleasant words and a lot of “hot” Emoji. “Queen”, “amazing”, “flawless”, “hot as always”, “always first,” wrote the loyal fans. But there were also those who buttocks Naomi seemed “droopy”, despite the hard work of the star in the gym.

Of course, she and Naomi never meets neither the admirers nor the detractors. After 33 years of active work in the fashion industry she’s probably used to all.

Pereglyanulis to Tsey does in Instagram

Does, polirani Naomi Campbell (@naomi)

Naomi in training (video: instagram.com/naomi)

By the way, recently the star posted a new video from their workouts. Naomi, dressed in a blue fitness suit, jumping with a rope up a sweat. “No days off” – written by a recognized beauty. Another proof of the “elastic” buttocks she showed a little earlier. Naomi is doing deep lunges, keeping high over head the ball. “Back to business”, – she wrote. “Excellent work,” heard a voice-her personal trainer.


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