1 years ago established the order of Princess Olga who and what they award?

15 Aug 1997 in Ukraine, a new state award – the order of Princess Olga of I, II, III degrees. As stated in the relevant presidential decree, the order is awarded to women for outstanding service in state, public, scientific, educational, cultural, charitable and other spheres of public activity, and also in the education of children in the family, writes the Express online.

Why the award was dated figures Duchess

Representatives of the Commission, which worked on the creation of the order, said: the Duchess of Kiev Olga owns a significant role in the history of medieval Europe of the tenth century (the throne she held from 945 to 962 year). Her name is associated with events that have strongly influenced the development of old Russian statehood.

Olga held a number of government reforms that have streamlined the process of collecting tribute, strengthened the influence of the Prince of Central authorities, distributed administrative and judicial system of the Principality of Kiev
all subject to him the lands of tribal principalities.

During the reign of Olga of Kiev Russia was not at war with any neighboring power. The Princess actively contributed to the attraction of the ancient Ukrainians to the Christian faith. She was one of the first rulers of the Ancient Russian state had converted to Christianity.

Features awards

The badge of the order of Princess Olga almost unique among the awards of Ukraine, which is extremely complicated. It consists of 26 items: profile, framing the medallion raised relief images of Princess, the actual medallion, four amethysts and four frames under them, fuse, revolt, tubes, and a patch plate on the front side pads, bow-ribbon, eight pins, fasteners.

The total mass of the order of the III degree – 35 g, II and i degree 37 g. the Mass of one amethyst – 0,22 g.

Among the awarded there are odious personality

The first decree awarding the order of Princess Olga III degree was signed on 18 August 1997. Among known Ukrainians, who received this award: people’s artist of Ukraine Nina Matvienko, Chairman of the public organization Union of Ukrainian women Atena-Svyatomira Pashko (now deceased), two-time world champion in handball Zinaida Turchina, people’s artiste of Ukraine Mariya Stefyuk, a two-time champion and silver medalist of the Olympic games Sydney Yana Klochkova and others.
However, there is among the awarded the order and notorious figures. In particular, Victor Yanukovych, being on a high state office, was awarded the order of Princess Olga III degree mother at the time first Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Arbuzov and Chairman of the Board of joint stock company “Ukrainian Bank of development” Valentine Arbuzov.

The same award 2014 from Yanukovych received the wife of then-Prosecutor General Viktor Pshonka – Olga Pshonka.


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