1 Nov 2018 – holiday in Ukraine today and that is not possible

21 November 2018 honor of St. Michael. Christians consider it one of the seven archangels (chief angels), the Archangel of the heavenly host, patron Saint of the human race.

According to ancient legend, Satan was the most abundant of all the heavenly spirits, for which he was named Lucifer. Later, however, he had the pride, arrogance and anger, he was fascinated by these many other spirits. Archangel Michael gathered an army of pious angels and made war against Satan and his evil angels. Satan could not resist and was deposed together with his troops on the ground. Since then, the Archangel Michael does not cease to fight for the salvation of the human race.

Birthday November 21 celebrate: Kondrat, Michael.

Folk omens on November 21:

– If the snow is wet, then the next harvest will be good.

– If you will stand of thick fog, the weather will be like this until the winter Nicholas.

Frost – to the big snow, and fog – to thaw.

– From Michael winter begins to strike cold.

– Is Michael fetters, Nicholas did not Rosco.

– If Michael the night is clear, it will be winter and snow red.

What you can do November 21:

1. Invite in a guests house. It is believed that the more friends and family will be in the house, the richer family will live next year.

2. Prepare this the day jellied beef or pork.

3. On this day, preparing pies, one of which is baked a coin. If the coin will come across a girl who is not married, then soon she will find a soul mate, the woman the coin foretells a pregnancy, the lonely guy – success, and the man of wealth.

4. On this day children med. You can spread it on bread or fruit pies, to keep them healthy and happy.

5. Girls who can’t get married can ask for help from St. Michael, who soon will drive with the second half.

What not to do November 21

1. Do not pass by people who ask for alms. Think on this day about people who have a difficult position.

2. Do not go on a long journey, to spend the day at home with friends and family.

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