it became known to all participants of the playoff and the tournament grid

At the world championship on hockey which passes in the Slovak cities of Kosice and Bratislava, became known to all the participants of play-off round.

In group A, in the 1/4 finals Finland, USA, Canada and Germany. It is not yet known the exact location of the teams in the standings, since he was left to play one round. Canada and Denmark have to play another match of the 6th round.

In group A participation in the playoffs currently provided Russia, Czech Republic, Sweden and Switzerland. In this group also may change the location of the teams in the table.

Mesh playoffs of the world hockey championship in 2019 at the moment

Quarterfinal No. 1. Russia (1B) – Germany (4A)
Quarterfinal No. 2. USA (2A) – Sweden (3B)
Quarterfinal No. 3. Czech Republic (2V) – Canada (3A)
Quarterfinal No. 4. Finland (1) Switzerland (4B)


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