the network has discussed buying the LADA Vesta SW Cross with AMT

The network has asked the question, is it worth buying the LADA Vesta SW Cross with robotized transmission – opinions were divided.

In the community the social network “Vkontakte” dedicated “Lada Vesta” came the question from the owner of the LADA Vesta SW. He said that 1.5 years owns the car and is very happy, however, eyeing the SW Vesta Cross. The only thing that confuses him – automated transmission AMT. “Get out of snowdrifts to get out?” he asked the other “vescovado”.

The first commenter replied that his combination motor 1.8 and AMT 2.0 no problems, everything switches smoothly and clearly. “The problem with Vesta is the clutch”, he said. “Winter climbing in the jungle, and all satisfied, satisfied with the AMT,” joined by the second subscriber.

“I would have waited a CVT. And restyling,” said another motorist. The other agreed with him: “Wait, but there already or sell, or go on, no bother”.

And some users spoke out strongly against the AMT. “The President has recognized that the robot is useless,” said one of the “vescovado”. Another wrote that Vesta Cross SW 1.8 a “robot” is in the possession of his colleagues: “He’s already 1000 times that there is a robot,” he said.


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