American tuning house Hennessey last spring, presented a new project, created based on the Jeep Gladiator, which received the name Maximus.

A unique pickup truck, the Hennessey tuner Maximus is available to order only, and its circulation is limited to 24 copies. Creating a fourth pick-up, the Studio brought him on the tests in the wilderness, giving them an opportunity to show all his power. Live races were exciting and energetic. It holds the attention until the last second and leads you to view it again and again. And it is not surprising, because the Studio, literally, taught the truck to fly over the dunes, according to the Auto Informant.

To show the power and flexibility of Maximus was able thanks to a modified 6.2-liter engine Hellcat V8 supercharged, power is dispersed to 1000 HP and 1650 Nm of torque. The output of the motor is transmitted through 8-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive. Also the truck got the adaptive suspension, increased ground clearance of 150 mm, and 20-inch wheels with a set of off road tires BF Goodrich KD.

To have the truck looked more despicable on both ends there are special bumpers. On the front the logo of Maximus and the light bar in the center. Wrapping the rear part has steps on the sides.

“There’s nothing better than hopping across the sand dunes 1000-strong pick-up Maximus. This car is adapted to any driving conditions, both on-road and off-road,” – said company founder John Hennessey.


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