5 interesting facts about watermelon from Ukrainian nutritionist – 24 Channel

Ukrainian nutritionist Svetlana FUS told about 5 reasons to love and eat watermelon in the summer season. The woman also brought a few contraindications in which it is impossible to savor a large berry.

The doctor shared the Facebook-note, which talked that the watermelon is very refreshing, quenches the thirst and fills the body with water. According to Svetlana FUS, watermelon is also rich in electrolytes and lycopene, which stimulates the production of collagen and prevents skin damage by UV rays.

But remember that watermelon can not eat diarrhea, colitis, exacerbation of diseases of the digestive system, kidney stones, and diseases of the prostate”. The nutritionist also recommends buying the berries as they ripen naturally and do not contain nitrates.

Offer to learn 5 facts about the watermelon, Svetlana FUS certainly recommend to include in a healthy diet.

5 facts about watermelon from Svetlana FUS

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