5 house plants that clean and humidify the air

House plants actively take the corners of our houses and apartments, becoming mandatory components of every stylish interior. Vogue.ua chose 5 house plants that require minimal care and enrich the space’s oxygen.

From succulents to herbs on the kitchen windowsill, we gradually fall in love not only in beautiful images in Pinterest, but also become adepts of the ground. We have previously talked about the current trends home garden, but this time we approach the question of choosing plants with a practical side. Here are the plants that will attract the eye with its beauty and cleanse the air in your room.

Dracaena something like a palm tree, and in the tub it looks like this plant is truly a militant. There are about 40 species of dracaena, therefore, not difficult to find exactly the “palm” that is right for you. Dracaena grows to a meter in height, so quickly is still a little sprout, you may need a pot of that. Dracaena quite unpretentious care, preferring the spray of water pouring. If you have cats and dogs, the dracaena is a bad option, because its leaves are toxic to animals.

“Chlorophytum crested” in Latin or “plant spider” in the language of ordinary people, this flower requires almost no care, enough to put it in a bright place, where not exposed to direct sun rays. Crested Chlorophytum perfectly cleans the air, needs constant care and quickly pushes out, finding all new and new curly leaves that resemble nimble spider legs.

Bamboo palm tree known among botanists as dipsis yellowish, is a plant that does not like drafts, grows slowly and fits perfectly into more or less spacious room, which should be green. To transplant a palm tree in the pot a little more, will have to wait about three years. In the closed space, the bamboo palm can grow up to four meters in height.

Aloe Vera is a real godsend for landscaping a window sill in the kitchen (or any other place). For aloe is easy to care for (embarrassing, that so much), and this plant has many advantages, which are hidden in its leaves. So, aloe leaves contain a clear fluid gelatinous consistency, which is filled with vitamins, enzymes, amino acids and other compounds having anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and wound healing properties. This fluid also helps in case of burns – it is enough to break the sheet to use it.

This houseplant with a complex called the dream of those who want green space, but does not want the care of the flower was another deadline. Sansevierii leaves are an interesting color that resembles snake skin. Hence the popular name snake plant. Sansevieriya difficult to kill, it likes dry conditions of life and feels good in any light.


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