12 painful symptoms, which should not be ignored

We all, to one degree or another experience pain in different parts of the body. Sharp, sharp, dull, aching, long. The pain can occur suddenly and as suddenly to disappear, writes headinsider.

However, doctors do not recommend to ignore the pain. Listen to your body. It is better to prevent disease than to treat it.

1. Chest pain

Pain or feeling pressure in your chest can be a symptom of heart attack. If chest pain is accompanied by pressure, often the breath or nausea, you should immediately consult a doctor.

2. Headache, suddenly appeared

If you have the sudden pain in the head, and you feel more pain than usual, it is a reason to seek immediate medical attention. It can be a symptom of an aneurysm or jumped pressure, and meningitis.

3. Sudden dizziness

Sudden dizziness and inability to concentrate on simple things can be a sign of bleeding in the brain or stroke. In addition, these symptoms occur at low blood sugar or infection. Do not over tighten, refer immediately to the doctor.

4. A sharp loss of body weight

A sharp weight loss of 5% or more in a short period of time may be a sign of a serious disease. In some types of cancer which occurs sudden weight loss, therefore, the sooner you will consult the doctor the faster will be able to know why. The disease at an early stage lends itself to more successful treatment.

5. Bright flashes

If you see a bright flash or bright points before the eyes, it is a reason to consult an eye specialist. Such outbreaks can be a sign of problems with the retina that leads to vision loss.

6. Increased body temperature

If you see a high body temperature for a certain period of time, it is a reason to go to the doctor. The causes can be many, from meningitis and various infections to cancers, e.g., lymphoma.

7. Shortness of breath

If shortness of breath appears when you are in a calm state (not taking into account exercise), it is a serious occasion to go to the doctor. Shortness of breath can be a symptom of thrombosis or respiratory problems.

8. Convulsions of the limbs

If you feel that you have leg cramps, it is possible that the reason lies in problems with the heart, veins, and hormones. If the cramps accompanied by pain in the calf of legs, it can be a symptom of the formation of a blood clot. Be sure to consult your doctor.

9. Severe pain in the abdomen

Sudden severe pain in the abdomen – a serious reason to consult a doctor. This may be a sign of aortic aneurysm or incorrect blood circulation. If the pain is accompanied by nausea, then perhaps the reason lies in the gallbladder.

10. Constant fatigue

We all get tired periodically. However, if your fatigue has developed into a permanent and persist even after the holidays, consult your doctor. Fatigue can be a symptom of cancer, anemia, and depression.

11. Pain in the kidneys

If you feel pain in the kidneys – sharp, dull, aching, – contact your doctor. This pain can be a symptom of appendicitis, hernia, kidney problems and even a broken pelvis.

12. Frequent urination

If you noticed that increasingly began to visit the bathroom, call your doctor. Causes of frequent urination can be set. To find out yours, do not delay a visit to a specialist. Be healthy!

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