12 % of Italian children live below the poverty line

12 %, or 1 200 000 Italian children now live below the poverty line. These are the findings of international non-governmental organization Save the Children. Each year, it experts are the “Atlas of childhood” card which reflect the different parameters: the number of kindergartens and schools, the presence of playgrounds, clubs and social infrastructure as a whole, allocated by the state to children, the share of social spending.

Many of these indicators, Italy is at the bottom of the list of EU countries, and every year the situation gets worse, say Save the Children. So, on the Apennine Peninsula in General, a high percentage of children not graduating from school. But if in the centre of Naples the proportion is 2 %, then in the suburbs scamp and scamp rises to 20 %. The same situation in Milan: in the suburbs of a Quart Ogaro those who could not finish school, in 7 times more than in the city.

Only 5.4% of social spending goes to Italy for a family and minors against 11% in Germany and 8.5% of the EU average.

The studies of previous years showed that a high proportion of children suffering in winter from lack of heating. In connection with the lack of funds, many families can’t send kids to play sports or enjoy Hobbies. Moreover, many Italian teenagers do not have the minimum required for their age, knowledge of mathematics and reading skills.

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