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Electronic Arts released a video in which he hinted that the game FIFA 19 gamers will be changes in the rankings of the players. Note that the release of the game will take place on September 28 and fans can expect a lot of innovations.

Video published on official page of EA Sports in You-Tube.

Very soon, football fans will be able to play for your preferred team and player in the new version of the game FIFA 19. In a new video from EA Sports football world is not very happy with my ranking that they have now. Each player requires that in the next FIFA it was much higher in comparison with the previous year.

Promotional video FIFA 19 – watch videos


For example, rookie of the Turin “Juventus” Cristiano Ronaldo does need to get his rating was 100, and the player of English “Manchester city” Kevin de Bruyne even made an appeal to reporters. By the way, the video appeared and the football team of Ukraine Oleksandr Zinchenko. The player mastered in the Premier League, and asked his rating of 89, but the hairdresser misunderstood and Ukrainian shaved that figure to him on the head.

In addition, in FIFA 19 should be a new mode “Football game of survival.” Survival mode in the upcoming FIFA 19 – trap heartless and cruel joke. Every time a team scores a goal, it disappears one-party system literally punishes gamers for what they are good at playing football. To win, you must send in the opponent’s goal five goals. Also EA Sports still some interesting innovations, such as the removal of the referee from the field.

The release of the game will take place on September 28 at Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Trailer for the game FIFA 19 – watch videos


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