Ukrainian 76 movies have already filmed, 72 – in work

Thanks to the initiative support the development of Ukrainian cinema in the country removed more and more quality movies.

This was said by Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman during a visit to filming the adventure film “Shevchenko: first samurai”, according to Government portal.

“Ukraine is developing a whole industry of filmmaking. There is a large cohort of talented actors, Directors, editors, screenwriters. We are on the path of creating a quality competitive environment. Shot 76 Ukrainian films, seventy-second in work. The important thing is that the Ukrainians are beginning to go to the cinema on Ukrainian cinema, which demonstrates the high quality,” – said Groisman.

He noted that the government had prepared proposals on improvement of Ukrainian laws to better support the film industry.

“We will do everything that these laws were enacted. Then we will have to make a movie not only Ukrainian artists, but also world famous. Importantly, we know how to do it”, – stressed the head of government.

Tape “Shevchenko: the first samurai” contains elements of science fiction and westerns. This is an unusual view of the figure of Taras Shevchenko, who, in addition to pen, owns martial arts.

The total budget of the film – 24.5 million UAH, of which 19.6 million UAH allocated by the government.


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