the Employee in the performance of GBR is threatened by term

Employee of the RRT used the weapons to protect his life from imminent danger. Now he faces a prison sentence up to 10 years.

The incident took place in Voronezh in the street lizyukova. It places a “Beer dish”. Now there is a trial. The brother of an employee of the RRG claims that at the moment he is accused at once under two articles, namely “Excess of limits of necessary defense” and “Deliberate infliction of medium-gravity harm to health”.

The RRT arrived on a call in a beer house. Staff “Beer meats” asked the rapid response team to expel the noisy company of several men and women. Rapid response team escorted the rebels to the street, then got into a scandal and the subsequent fight, the first blow struck one of the drunk.

When the UIR officers were taken noisy company, one of the drinkers drank one beer, then the staff applied pepper spray.

All drunk group attacked an employee of the RRG, subsequently smashing his head. Then began to unbutton the holster, where the gun battle. The officer dodged and pulled his gun. Followed by a warning shot, and after the attackers. One bullet hit in the shoulder and the second went in the thigh.

In the end a criminal case filed against officer of the RRG, not drunken brawlers. After a couple of days, held a hearing, and relatives really want to show up someone from eyewitnesses.

In fact, the drunken mob had tried to seize the weapon and therefore the officer used it as intended, namely to protect my life from imminent danger.


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