why ex-President left Ukraine and threatens him with prison

Petro Poroshenko flew out of the country. He is on vacation in Istanbul, and, according to media reports, the family had emigrated from Ukraine in stages: part of the last week of the regular flight, and he flew on Sunday to a private side (he allegedly refused to state protection). According to others who reported the “news” sources, he can use the visit to meet with lobbyists, including the American informed his colleagues used the services of BGR group. At the same time, RRT activates the result in several cases against the former President. “News” learned how promising these legal attacks.

Interrogations and searches

On the eve of the departure of the former President gave an interview to the edition “ck”, which spoke on several important issues: first, he had not received subpoenas from the RRT to the interrogations, and secondly that leaks information to the state Bureau did not confirm, but the head of the RRT transmits data to Andrei Bogdan (head of the Office of the President), and he is already “merges” Andriy Portnov.

Speaking of “leaks”, Poroshenko has in mind Telegram-channel Andriy Portnov, where an experienced lawyer, former Deputy head of the AP is present the reality show in legal and media the “sinking” of the former President. The ultimate goal of their work, the lawyer declares fit “the helper”.

The first priority of our expert legal team identifying, analyzing, studying, systematization and legal support investigations of crimes committed by Poroshenko and his political regime“, – Portnov declared, announcing the seizure/fit and confiscation of assets of former President “with the loss of immunity from prosecution”.

At present against the former President and of his environment conducted 13 productions. Activity visually there are only a few: for the sale of “Smithy on Rybal’s’ke” (July 8, was called for questioning Sergey Tigipko, the buyer of the plant, plus Poroshenko himself has been called in for questioning on July 25, and another interview with the former President have been waiting for August 12), regarding the “Direct” channel (the head of the RRG Roman Trumpet announced and the questioning of its formal owner Vladimir Makeyenko, July 1 at the channel passed seizure of documents).

On June 26, police searched a former adviser to Poroshenko, Yury Biryukov, as well as the officials of the Ministry of defense on charges of “looting” in the army, and on 19 July were searched in the structures of the ex-President: the club “Fifth element”, PJSC “Automobile Company “Bogdan motors”. According to unofficial data, the detectives NAB, conducting searches, looking for information about the involvement of Poroshenko and his entourage to the “massive corruption scams with military procurement.”

But officially, the NAB said: “Investigative actions will last as long as the target of the search is achieved. So maybe 2-3 days, but I will not jump ahead because we don’t know the amount of information that there is, “said senior detective NABS Edward Skubak.

For whom the bell tolls

Yesterday, Andriy Portnov said that he had a conversation with Anton Chernushenko, the fugitive head of Appellate court of Kiev (in his statement of the RRG began to investigate the intervention of Petro Poroshenko and the Deputy head of the up by Mr. Oleksiy Filatov to the work of the court). “Chernushenko confirmed data that the AP was accompanied by calls of the petition of law enforcement officers on the authorization of the bugging of foreign diplomats, ambassadors of France, Germany, Belarus and the IMF mission in Ukraine“, – wrote the lawyer.

In addition to Filatov, in “announcements” Portnov appear other associates of ex-President: managing Director of the Fund for guaranteeing deposits of natural persons Konstantin Vorushilin, the people’s Deputy Sergey Pashinsky (want him for the shooting incident of premium weapons to random passerby, Vyacheslav Chimiques 31 December 2016). Also one of the defendants falls Andriy Parubiy – the case of the tragedy on 2 may 2014 in Odessa (according to eyewitnesses, Parubiy was the direct participant of events). And on June 6 said the court arrested the property of one of the closest allies Poroshenko, Igor Kononenko.

Significant moment: the Director of RRT novel Pipe recognizes that production have a chance to take the form of suspicion Petro Poroshenko and his entourage. “My assessment: these cases have a criminal law perspective, he said at the beginning of June. – Issues of resonance. We have planned and in the shortest time will be carried out active investigative actions… But it certainly is not a month“.

The lawyers talked of “News” regarding the prospect of criminal proceedings note: to have themselves law enforcement officers will not be tempted to “destroy” things, they should not be “General” in nature. “For example, the case of sailors – the total, global. And you need to look for concrete evidence for the prosecution: much easier to investigate the purchase of a “Direct” channel, or the tax evasion through offshore companies in the sale of “Smithy”, – says the managing partner yurkompanii “Kravets and partners” Rostislav Kravets.

Now in the role of “unit” for the investigation stands Yury Lutsenko on a post of the head of the GPU: Portnow says in his Telegram channel that he and his Deputy Sergey Kyz not sign the petition of the investigators of the RRG in court. “Lutsenko will soon cease to take my seat and then have to show a very quick result, “- said political analyst Alexei Yakubina.

In the role of stopper is now NABOO, fulfilling the will of the previous President – who has kept the influence on the body that buries all things in which there is a surname of Poroshenko. And still have influence on the part of the judicial system by persons close to NABU – same Alexei Filatov, “- said Kravetz.

“The Scenario Of Saakashvili”

The position of supporters of Poroshenko in just a couple of months evolved. If in may, the lawyer of ex-President Igor Golovan said that it is a “law of trolling”, which would not entail any real legal consequences, but now there talking about political persecution. “We consider all these things as the settling of political accounts. Why? July 15, I personally spoke to the Novel Pipe, which is necessary to dissociate from such a person as Portnow. Otherwise it tells about the splicing… And now we see that at Portnov, RRT and Andrei Bogdan built a strange “triumvirat”, they exchange and give information that is confidential, “he said in comments to the “news” Nikolay velichkovich, future MP from the party of “EU” Petro Poroshenko. According to him, the party will build media strategy based on facts “media killerstvo”, which “is already felt in the course of the campaign.”

In the EU they are well managed to present the events as “political trolling”. But people will be happy pressure as well “former”, so this ineffective position, the second protection tool Poroshenko may be a strategy of pre-emption of attacks on Poroshenko. For example, before going to the RRT for questioning it, knowing what you will ask may dump Internet all the receipts, said “news” analyst Taras Chornovil. – Another strategy can be to give the maximum information of the West about any violations now Poroshenko will travel to the European Parliament to protect itself, and everyone can pursue together with it“.

According to “News”, the ex-President has communicates with lobbyists from the United States. “He is well aware that everything that happens in the RRG, very seriously, and intend to defend against attacks, says our source. – You can, for example, waiting for public support in Washington in the case of attempted arrest“.

The second model is the “scenario of Saakashvili,” when the overthrown leader of the state after the announcement of the suspect leaving the country. “For example, will leave for medical treatment or in London, where he established part of his entourage, says political analyst Alexei Yakubina. – But this model complicates public protection of business assets in the country, which can be arrested“.

13 cases against the former President and the environment

May 20, Andriy Portnov filed in the RRG statement of treason – “planned and illegal” actions of Petro Poroshenko in November 2018 (sent in the area of the Kerch Strait three military vessels), proving that the true purpose was the imposition of martial law after the capture of ships and the shift of the election date. The production is closed, the GPU on 17 July, which was immediately challenged in court.

May 22, Portnov passed in the RRG statement on money laundering and tax evasion at the “Smithy on the Rybalsky” (legalization $300 million through offshore companies). July 9, the GPU has received a request from investigators about the arrest of the shares and all assets of the plant.

23 may in the RRG was a statement about the money “stolen from army funds through offshore transaction”.

24 may in the RRG was a statement of money laundering, money laundering and tax evasion Petro Poroshenko when registering a channel “Direct”.

27 may Portnow made another statement about the “attempt of usurpation Poroshenko judicial power” (after the defeat in the elections, appointed members of bodies of the justice system).

4 Jun the lawyer said he intends to examine the role of the head of Cassation civil court of Boris Gulko (“task Bankova organizing congresses of the judicial authorities for the purpose of electing Poroshenko controlled by members of the High Council of justice, Supreme qualitative judges and judges of the constitutional court”).

June 12 – filed a new application against Poroshenko and the speaker of Parliament Andriy Parubiy, whose “criminal organization had falsified documents about the presence of coalition with the aim of seizing power”. Production started June 18.

15 June in the RRT sent a statement about the need to investigate the participation of Poroshenko and ex-head of SBU Vasily Gritsak in expulsion from Ukraine citizen Vyacheslav Kobalyeva (Plato), which voided the passport and sent to Chisinau in 2016, where he was convicted. “In addition, at the request of the team Poroshenko Moldova does not extradite Ukraine judge Chaus, known for the fact that he performed for the regime Poroshenko dirty task of arrests of his political opponents and the fact that when they searched his garden, was discovered three-liter jar with money,” – said Portnow.

26 Jun in the RRG transferred to the statement about the crimes of the former President and his entourage – Deputy head of the AP Alex Filatov and the head of the Supreme judges of qualitative Sergei Koziakov, the essence of “crimes against justice with the aim of seizing power” (“for 2014-2019 carried out a concerted and systemic action to achieve control over the judicial system”).

July 3 in the RRT sent a statement about the crime, the defendant – Andrew paruby, “more than three years voted did not sign the law on the establishment of corruption in the defense sector.”

July 5 in the RRG was a petition on the fact of conclusion of International investment Bank (owned by Poroshenko) from 17 to 21 may (the date of inauguration of Vladimir Zelensky) means “three times to one million U.S. dollars, directly physically and cash”. The same, according to Portnov, Poroshenko made another 17 times on different days in may/June, “removing equal amounts from one to two million dollars in each session” – a total of $34 million (i.e. about 340 kg denominations of $100). GBR began to study the information on 6 June.

July 10, the lawyer announced the completion of data collection on the distribution of Vitali Klitschko Metropolitan land “without the decision of the city Council.” Agenda Klitschko handed over for questioning on July 26.

July 19 announced the launch of a new case of “billion dollar theft” of the state Ukreximbank. “It is headed by a relative Poroshenko (Alexander Gritsenko, Chairman of the Board. – Ed.), who created a stable criminal organization at the expense of state raccrocher and has written off loans to controlled Poroshenko of companies “Bogdan motors”, autogroup “Bogdan” and DP “Autostradali plant №2”. Total theft of about 2 billion UAH, “- said Portnow.


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