what really promised Ukrainian pensioners

Ukrainian pensioners might pay a single annual fee to the pensions, it was stated by the President Petro Poroshenko. The exact timing he did not name, noting that this can happen only “in the case of growth of the economy”. According to the state service statistics, the Ukrainian economy has been growing for 12 consecutive quarters, and this trend should continue in 2019, reports Today.

According to the President, he did not rule out the introduction of people receiving minpensiyu, annual 13th pension.

“We will continue the priority of pensioners in the implementation of social policy. One option will be the payment of the 13th pension every year to those who receive the minimum pension. For this we need to ensure economic growth – a breakthrough, if you want to,” he said.

Note that in Poland, where the idea of the 13th pension, to all, I want to implement since may of this year, GDP growth has continued uninterrupted for 23 years and an average of 4.2% per year. Ukraine has not yet reached such indicators we have for the last 23 years were as the fall of the GDP and its growth is only 1-2% per year.

Economists say that the current annual deficit in PF 157 billion and expected GDP growth of less than 3% is difficult to find any sources to increase pensions.

“I have pessimistic forecasts, will there be a breakthrough in the economy, – says the Executive Director of the Economic discussion club Oleg Pendzin. – The rate of growth is slowing: in February, in industry they are lower by 2% than in February 2018. The main source of any growth of GDP – labour, surplus value, and our main products for export of labor is not much, so and GDP is growing slowly.”

The President Ukranalittsentra Alexander Ohrimenko believes that the probability of the 13th payment under the current circumstances can only be based on political expediency:

“Economic conditions no, but there is political expediency in connection with the parliamentary elections in the fall. And the future President this idea could implement due to the issue”.

However, according to calculations Minsotspolitiki, those who receive minpensiyu in Ukraine, only about 300 thousand.

“If the pension is at least on the hryvnia more than the minimum, she’s already such is not considered”, – specify in the Ministry.

Estimated out that the payment of 300 thousand 13-minpensy (1497 UAH) should be in the year about UAH 5.5 billion, or approximately 1% of the income of Pensfond (PF), a little bit. However, experts doubt whether it will be fair to those who have a pension more than minimum 1-2 UAH, because of what these seniors another pension does not get it.

Pension experts note that the authorities declare their concern for the pensioners of today but forget about those who are still far from retirement. The former Deputy head of the Pension Fund Kolbun Victor recalled that 15 years is the introduction of personal cumulative peschlow that allow yourself to save for retirement. In his opinion, it does not stimulate young people employed, to show in real wages and increases the deficit Pensfond.


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