54-year-old Elizabeth Hurley Topless in the pool spicy photos

British actress Elizabeth Hurley is striking in its perfect figure in 54 years. Star not afraid to show her seductive body is the result of a healthy lifestyle for many years.

With age, all the bad habits such as excessive drinking, unhealthy food, Smoking or use of narcotic substances, etc., affect a person’s appearance: the skin loses its radiant appearance and elasticity, wrinkles and the like. However, if you lead a healthy life, eat right and walk through life with a smile – youth and vigour will always be with man.

Many famous women breaking all the stereotypes and show how you can look great after 50 years. Of course, some may turn to plastic surgeon. But many stars have maintained youth and beauty, only by regular training, proper care and nutrition.

My diet consists of no bread, pasta, cheese and chips. I don’t eat fried and not drinking any carbonated beverages. But I’m always happy fish, vegetables and brown rice,
– told earlier Elizabeth Hurley.

On his page on Instagram, Elizabeth published another candid photo, in which she sunbathes Topless in the pool. In the signature star recommended not be exposed to sunlight from 9 am to 6 PM, and to hide from the sun in the shade.

“Morning in Los Angeles. By the way, I sunbathe only until 9 am and after 6 PM. Otherwise, it must be under a big umbrella,” wrote the actress.

Elizabeth Hurley / Instagram / @elizabethhurley1

Elizabeth Hurley / Instagram / @elizabethhurley1


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