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Italian actress Monica Bellucci in 54 years does not hide his sexuality. Star is actively involved in the filming and tries very naughty images.

So, the other day Monica Bellucci has published several images on his page in Instagram. Before camera luxury actress and model posed in a white bodysuit and blue on the Chanel tweed jacket. Italian lit slim figure, which caused delight of all her supporters.

It is known that the photo was included in the new issue of the magazine iO Donna. Monica Bellucci was the star of the December issue of gloss, and adorned its cover. For the main photo of the actress chose a fairly modest dress which really suited her. The star appeared before the readers in a white shirt and black corset with lace.

According to the Monica Bellucci, love is the secret of her stunning look. The actress admitted that she is now happy, because it strongly protects your relationship from unnecessary media attention and does everything to ensure that they lasted as long as possible.


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