Nibiru orbited the Earth, and rapidly approaching – UFO

Footage of a “fireball” scared people in Russia worried the next prediction of the conspiracy theorists about the Apocalypse.

Screwed up the attack Nibiru August 16, ufologists did not retreat, predicting a couple of weeks back “end of the world” on September 19. Mainstream science and skeptics traditionally ridiculed alternative theory of the death of the Earth, but “blow up” the Network for 2 days before the supposed Apocalypse photos and videos with the alleged Planet X made critics of pseudoscience nervous.

Another footage of the “death Star” was leaked on YouTube from Russia. Unknown author published a conspiracy movie, saying that Nibiru has orbited the Earth, and rapidly approaching. Previously, many ufologists believed Planet X wandering object in space, but now she had a very specific way, unfortunately, deadly like a “blue ball”, and for most Nibiru.

Also, the opponents of science have tried to explain why people still do not feel the damaging effects of the “death Star”, in particular, a tremendous sensation, abnormally high temperatures and fires in all corners of the world. It turns out that many conspiracy theorists were wrong, believing that planet X exudes apocalyptic energy. In fact, Nibiru, like a black hole, can only “suck”. Death earth’s gravity and the potential departure from the interior of the nucleus can occur when a “fireball” approach to a distance of several thousand kilometers, was summed up by ufologists.

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