days with Galaxy Z Flip. Flip or flop?

Samsung 11 Feb introduced a foldable smartphone Galaxy Z Flip. Of course, it will not buy a lot of people simply because it costs too much. According to statistics, the most popular phone in 2019 became the iPhone of XR, it is estimated at $ 600 and for many is the flagship solution. In simple words, most simply do not need all of these mechanisms and features. People need a good phone, and XR copes with this task.

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  • 1 top selling Samsung phones
  • 2 Galaxy Z Flip smartphone of the future?
  • 3 So who is the Galaxy Z Flip?
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  • 5 Buy Galaxy Z Flip

The most sold Samsung phones

It is clear that Z Flip it is, rather, a status apparatus that is useful primarily for the Koreans in the question of image. Nice to have the model number of this device. And even nicer to realize when you enter into a small number of companies that can produce similar products. But we still wonder how good it turned out.

Our colleagues note that the device though looks futuristic, but has a number of problems in question design. For example, in the folded state between the two parts there is a small gap, which gets dirt and scratches the screen of the phone. In addition, in the expanded state, the device felt too heavy and long to use them difficult.

Is still a dimple in the middle on the bending place. It is especially noticeable in daylight and can be very annoying for users. Another important point – it is a plastic screen protection, which can be easily scratched even with a fingernail. Our colleagues from phonearena with careful use there are several deep scratches:

IDH say not a very good sensitivity of the touch-sensor. The phone may not recognize even obvious clicking on the screen.

Galaxy Z Flip smartphone of the future?

Though he seems so, but in reality it is not. Together with one the coolest thing you get a lot of new problems that will block all the advantages of the phone.

Of course, you can say that I am not the target audience Galaxy Z Flip, and it’s true. But then who made Galaxy Z Flip? And whether or not this phone is a device of the future, as it believes the Samsung, or is it a nice toy for rich people?

So who is the Galaxy Z Flip?

I’m still inclined to think that this phone is for rich people who want to try something unusual. Z Flip is not a real revolutionary product because it did not introduce the supernatural. Yes, we are dealing with a folding screen, but so far it looks like a backdrop for the real revolutionary solution. And special benefits from a folding phone today, no, because the case is too thick. Z Flip when folded has a width of more than 17 millimeters. What sort of revolution in this case, is it? Without graphene batteries that will significantly reduce the thickness of the case is too early to talk about folding phones.

Specifications Of Galaxy Z Flip

The smartphone is equipped with a 6.7-inch screen, made by technology DynamicAMOLED, with FHD resolution+. Out of the box the phone runs on Android 10 with a proprietary shell One 2 UI. Responsible for the performance Snapdragon 855+ 8 gigabytes and 256 gigabytes of internal memory. The camera in the device double of 12 MP, battery 3300 mAh with fast charging for 15 watts.

Buy Galaxy Z Flip

The device can be purchased in Russia on the official website of the company for 120 thousand rubles. A considerable sum of money, and, in truth, it is unlikely the average consumer will spend that kind of money on a smartphone, even if you consider him the opportunity to develop.

Interested to know your opinion about a new foldable device Samsung. Share your opinion in the comments and read our news in Yandex Zen.


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