The legendary John Travolta 65 years and did not think to end his acting career. Hollywood star every time trying on unexpected images and impresses with the talented game.

Despite the rapid career, and dozens of successful films John Travolta – not a frequent guest at social events. However, the presentation of the film “the Fan” (The Fanatic), which was held in California on August 22, he paid attention, because he has played there a major role.

In front of the cameras, the actor appeared in a stylish Burgundy jacket and black trousers, which picked up a dark jacket. All fans and the world’s media noted that over the years John Travolta loses weight and looks unmatched. And what about the image of the actor, for almost a year he shaved bald and wears a stylish beard.

John Travolta / Photo: Getty Images

A lot of journalists ‘ attention was attracted by the meeting of John Travolta with his colleague in the Comedy “look who’s talking” where are you?. An actress for 30 years from the release of the film has changed significantly, gaining extra pounds.

John Travolta with Kirsty ally / Photo: Getty Images

What is known about the movie “the Fan”?

In the center of events – the history of American Music, played by John Travolta. Man considers himself the greatest fan of actor hunter Dunbar. However just a hobby and a star changes when a fan receives an autograph from an idol. Thanks to a friend paparazzi Muz gets the address of the hunter and turns an ordinary visit to the horror.

Except for John Travolta in the movie played by Devon Sawa, James Paxton, Victor Goldie and others. The premiere is scheduled for August 30, 2019.

Watch the trailer for the movie “the Fan”: video

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