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Hollywood actress and winner of numerous awards – Sharon stone became a star of the new issue of Allure. In addition to a Frank conversation with the journalist, the woman starred in Flirty images in the Studio.

The author of the new shooting became Emma Summerton, stylist – Simon Robins. For classy and romantic images of Sharon wearing trendy pants suit in the box on transparent linen; elegant double-breasted coat ivory; dark blue turtleneck sweater with a Lacy bikini and a white shirt oversize.

Sharon stone for Allure / Photo: Allure

Fans in the network Instagram pointed slender legs and a rejuvenated star. The very same 61-year-old Sharon is convinced that her best time was 20 years ago.

When I was 40 something – it was a great time, although I didn’t have work, because women at this age did not find roles in Hollywood. I was just a mom with three children, recovering from the stroke and participated in the trial in the custody of the oldest child, but there was something beautiful in these tests
– said the actress.

The woman added that her nobody wanted to have a relationship but she was sure that with a new love life would not seem so harsh to her.


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