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Sony plans to launch the fifth generation of video game consoles PlayStation. In the beginning of the console from the Japanese manufacturer already had serious competitors – Nintendo and Sega. How Sony managed to become one of the most successful companies in the gaming market?

The History Of PlayStation

  • PlayStation or PSone

The history of the PlayStation begins 3 December 1994, it was then that the team under the leadership of Ken Kutaragi introduced in Japan its product.

The Father Of PlayStation Ken Kutaragi

The new PlayStation has attracted the attention of game lovers with its elegant design and support for CD, indicating that games have become more grandiose, support 3D graphics and amazing sound. In ten years the PlayStation is the first gaming console with 100 million copies sold worldwide.

The First PlayStation

The PlayStation was one of the first consoles with external memory cards, which in 1998 led to the emergence of PocketStation is a small device for mini-games with LCD display and simple controls.

  • PlayStation 2

Already in 2000, the Japanese vendor introduced its new product – the PlayStation 2. If PSone made a revolution in video games, the PlayStation 2 has set new industry standards. Three-dimensional high-quality graphics, online play and a built-in DVD player – had to press the button and started the movie. Without purchasing additional devices.

PlayStation 2

And in 2005, only 5 years and 9 months after the start of sales of the PlayStation 2, the console managed to overcome the mark of 100 million copies sold. Note, none of the console has reached that mark so quickly. Worldwide sold 155 million consoles, the PlayStation 2, making it the best selling console of all time.

  • PlayStation 3

Sony decided not to dwell on the successes of the second generation of the PlayStation and in 2006 introduced the world to the PlayStation 3. Everything that made PS2 a world leader among home consoles became the main weapon and the basis of the PlayStation 3. High resolution has become standard thanks to the integrated Blu-ray Disc and the internal hard drive and versatile possibilities of the game opened the way for home entertainment.

PlayStation 3

Note, PS3 players presented a surprise in the form of improved motion controller PlayStation Move. The accuracy of the movements of the racket, magic wand, shotgun or other items in the hands of players has become much better.

The PlayStation 3 was so powerful that it was used for research purposes. For example, using the console project [email protected] managed to advance the study of numerous diseases, including Alzheimer’s.

  • PlayStation 4

Relevant to the present generation of consoles – PlayStation 4 – first saw the light in 2013. The official announcement of the PlayStation 4 took place at the conference, PlayStation Meeting 2013 in February 2013. Console sales began in November 2013 in the United States, Europe, South America and Australia and in February 2014 in Japan.

The current version of console – PlayStation 4

In the fall of 2016, Sony has released two new hardware versions of the console: the PlayStation 4 Slim, which received the smaller size, and PlayStation 4 Pro, equipped with a more powerful main and graphics processor is based on the ability to output image and video streaming with a resolution of 4K.

History of the PlayStation – watch videos

Sony in the Guinness Book of records

Sony got into the Guinness Book of records. Its attachment is recognized as the best selling home gaming systems for all time of existence of this market.

According to data provided by VGChartz, 7 November 2019, PlayStation worldwide has sold more than 450 190 000 consoles PS1, PS2, PS3 and PS4. The equipment of the company take place in the top 3 best-selling in history.

Sony got into the Guinness Book of records

With the figure of 155 million units in the lead of the legendary PlayStation 2. Second place left a PlayStation 4, which has sold 102,8 million copies. Bronze medalist – the first PlayStation, which I bought of 102.49 million times. And only the fourth place in the chart is a console made by another company.

Future PlayStation 5

The last two years did not subside rumors around the PlayStation next generation. In 2019, the company Sony has officially announced PlayStation 5 and told about its features. The new console was scheduled for November 2020. But now insiders vying to publish a photo of future trends.

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