5 Nov 2018 – holiday in Ukraine today and that is not possible

25 Nov 2018 honoring the Patriarch John the merciful, who lived in Alexandria in the VI-VII centuries. This time ended with a wedding weeks. The following marriages were concluded after the end of winter on Shrove Tuesday. At will of parents married and had children. When the Holy woman and children died he became a monk.

Its main Holy he considered to be charity and benevolence to the needy. In the beginning of his Ministry, he told me to count all the beggars and the poor, which was in Alexandria. They were more than seven thousand people. All the unfortunate Prelate was given a daily free feeding.

Birthday November 25 to celebrate: Alexander, Boris, Vladimir, Dmitry, Konstantin, Lev.

Folk omens on November 25:

– If not cold – spring will come early.

– If this day is born a man, he will be the protector of the weak and disadvantaged, can work as a judge or doctor.

In the morning there is fog in the evening will freeze.

– Clouds float against the wind – coming soon snow.

– If this day the snow fell – so he will lie until spring, and the spring will be late.

What you can do November 25

1. Make this day good. It is believed that it must be reckoned dead relatives and improve their fate in the afterlife.

2. Go shopping with friends or family. Purchases made on this day will be successful and will last a long time.

3. Parents should pray for their children who are often sick in the winter. Prayer John the merciful will save children from diseases.

4. Listen to the advice that will give you this day. They will help you in the future.

What not to do November 25

1. Do not buy this shoes, because it will lead to setbacks in his personal life.

2. If you need to go on a long journey, it is better to do it the next day.

3. Try not to quarrel with each other. Be friendly and welcoming.


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