Netherlands and Costa Rica reached the quarter-finals

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Europe has lost another representative at the world Cup. If the Netherlands will continue to campaign for the world Cup, thanks to the incredible victory “on the box” over Mexico, then Greece found no arguments against the team of the tournament Costa Rica and leaving Brazil.

Incredible rescue of the Netherlands for a few minutes before the final whistle and Arjen Robben with partners stepped into the quarter-finals of the world Cup.
The best attack of the world championship against the best defence. Holland against Mexico.
The Mexicans scored first, early in the second half an accurate shot from outside the box by Giovanni DOS Santos reached the goal.
Had to play just a few minutes and “orange” equalized: after a corner was not missed Wasli Sneijder. And on the second minute of stoppage time for a foul on Robben the referee awarded a penalty, which is no option for Mexicans goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa performed Jan-Klas Huntelaar.

Costa Rica fairy tale continues. In an incredibly bitter fight, team Costa Rica in the penalty shootout snatched victory from the hands of Greece.
Costa Rica opened the scoring in the 52nd minute: the Greeks have forgotten the penalty of Bryan Ruiz. The cross and forward slightly, but just put the ball just wide of the post.
“Greeks” equalized in the 90th minute after Navas saves the ball bounced to Papastathopoulos, who shot into an empty net.
The end came in the penalty shootout, the hero of which was Costa Rica goalkeeper keylor Navas, reflecting the impact of Gekas.
For the first time in the history of Costa Rica reached the quarterfinals of the world Cup.

Today France is far from gutless sample four years ago, in Brasilia will face the unpredictable Nigeria. Rate – place among the eight best teams in the world. Algeria, for the first time in history to reach the playoffs will try to stop a high-speed German car.

France – Nigeria. On the eve of the world Cup it was hard to pick a favourite in this pair, during the world Cup, the team Didier Demasa from dark horse turned into a squad, which can obey any height. The group stage Les Bleus were in the same breath – in their opening match three times before the French capitulated Honduras, followed by the defeat of neighboring Switzerland 5:2 and fasting draw with Ecuador.
Nigeria were not so smooth. Over the unimpressive draw against Iran, followed by a minimal victory over Bosnia-Herzegovina, and then defeats against Argentina 2:3 and the second place in the Quartet. Nigeria has a dangerous bunch of well-known Russian fans forwards Musa Emenike.

Only Lukas Podolski due to injury will not be made by Joachim Left in the application the German national team for the match with Algeria. For this reason, the participation in the match Jerome Boateng. All the basic hostility “mannschaft” in the ranks. Three-time world Champions surely have overcome the barrier of the group stage, having divided points with Ghana. “Mannshaft”, of course, the favourite in this pair. Algeria and so in Brazil jumped higher than his head, autobrowsing in the playoffs. But his fans want more.
They have a lot of confidence returning to the “desert Fox” team captain Majid Bperry.
In 1982 Spanish “world Cup” grandmaster draw Germany and Austria left Algeria out of the tournament. Maybe it’s time, 32 years later, Germany to pay the bills?

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France-Nigeria: strategic genius Didier Deschamps will help France to cope with catches courage Nigeria.
Germany-Algeria: “mannshaft” are unlikely to stop at this early stage of the tournament.

Luis Suarez has left the world Cup, but his reputation as a man who bites, continues its independent life. Internet-yourselfers could not ignore the scandalous incident between the Uruguay striker and Italian defender Giorgio Kjellin and responded by creating hundreds of memes. And we’ll see.

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