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Hanukkah in 2018 begins on the evening of 2 December and ends the evening of 10 December. Is a Jewish holiday of miracle and victory of good over evil. On this day light candles. About the history and traditions of the holiday, read on in the article.

Hanukkah means “consecration”, “housewarming”. It is a celebration of purity and the victory of light over darkness, it teaches people never to despair. Says the Jewish wisdom, a little light is enough to dispel a great darkness. Tell why.

Hanukkah: the history of the holiday

We are talking about the events of BC. A city of Judah voluntarily came under the rule of Alexander the great in 332 BC He did not interfere in the religious life of the Jews, but after his death the situation changed dramatically.

In the year 175 BC came to power, Antiochus Epiphanes, he decided to allinternal all nagruzke of the population. He forbade the Torah and Jewish laws, and made Jerusalem his name. Finally the invaders invaded the Temple, defiled it, brought on the altar of the pig, cut her throat and made the blood of a pig in the Holy of holies of the Temple.

The Jews did not tolerate such behavior and began to revolt, the head of which was the family of the Maccabees. Despite the small number of warriors and the lack of good weapons to the Jews for three years managed to oust the army of Antioch outside the city.

After the war, first of all, they decided to put in order looted the Temple. The Jews purified the altar, and carved from wood a new menorah (the temple lamp). Unfortunately, the temple was only one of zban not paganino invaders oil – it would be enough only for one day. However, HaShem did the miracle of oil was enough for 8 days of burning — the time required to manufacture new oil. So the Temple was re-consecrated.

Hanukkah – the Jewish celebration of the victory of light over darkness

In honor of the miracle every year, the Jews in their homes are lit Chanukah lights, which put on the most prominent places.

When we celebrate Hanukkah

Usually the holiday begins the 25th day of the Jewish month kleva and lasts for eight days. In 2018 2-10 Hanukkah falls on Dec.

The Customs Of Hanukkah

During the 8 days the Jews light candles in hanok, daily add one more: on the first day they light one candle, on the second – two and so on. The candles are set from right to left and lit from left to right. Lit before sunset, candles should burn for at least 30 minutes after nightfall.

Light Chanukah candles cannot be used for domestic purposes, e.g. working, reading, and the like.

The commandment lighting of the Hanukkah lamps mandatory for all, regardless of material status. After Chanukah, you need to burn the oil and wicks that are left.

In the synagogue for eight days with a prayer of gratitude “Halal”.

Jewish family arrange a lavish feast these days. The main ingredients of festive dishes is vegetable oil. Hanukkah cook pancakes, donuts from dough with various fillings and latkes (potato pancakes).

Hanukkah cook pancakes and donuts in vegetable oil

Children these days give pocket money “Hanukkah-ELT” and toys, treat them with sweets.

During this holiday it is customary to play hanukalnye spinning top (dreidel), on each of the four faces of which is written the first letter of each word of the phrase “a great Miracle happened here” (if you are celebrating in Israel) or “great Miracle was there” (in the Diaspora).

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