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Popular Hollywood actress Jamie Lee Curtis is not embarrassed about the age. On the contrary – a 59-year-old star selects striking images and defiles in front of photographers with spicy neckline.

So, during the premiere of the film “Halloween”, which was held in Los Angeles, the actress appeared on the red carpet in a black pants suit, with a considerable neckline. The outfit Jamie Lee Curtis lit, ample Breasts and shapely figure, which are the envy of many women.

Spectacular image attracted the attention of all photographers who made a lot of shots of bright stars, which played a major role in a horror movie. Subsequently, the pictures flooded the network, causing excitement among the fans.






The word “Halloween” is a continuation of a series of horror movies that come out since 1978. In the center of the movie – the story of killer Michael Myers who commits a crime on the night of the holiday of Halloween. The mask helps bloody criminal to blend in with the crowd of people that, according to tradition, wear spooky costumes. In most series in the franchise starring actress Jamie Lee Curtis.

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