59-year-old Ukrainian won the championship in a tournament in Counter Strike

In eSports competition, the championship was won by the team of Ukrainian kibersportsmeny age 55+. Their opponents were the Swedish team players. The result of the match, which took place in September last year was 16:1 in favor of the Ukrainian.

Ukrainian Tatiana Silenko in his 59 years he became the champion in Counter Strike. Nickname in the game she wears a matching Valkyrie. The victory at the international eSports the woman got along with his team, reports “TSN”.

Ukrainian eSports team Ageless Shooters defeated their Swedish rivals Silver Snipers in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The average age of Ukrainian players is 59 years, the average age of the Swedes – 71.

All my life I believed computer games something awful, now it’s a pity that did not play! This is a great prevention of Alzheimer’s, plus adrenaline, vessels pumped
– said Tatiana.

59 year old Tatiana Filonenko / Photo by Lenovo

Age is no obstacle for computer games

Tatiana Silenko on a speciality the engineer-mechanic fermentation industries. She also founded the firm on repair of a soft roof and machine embroidery. The selection Counter Strike age 55+, she enrolled randomly. She loved it and she now spends on Counter Strike for three hours 5 times a week.

Team Ageless Shooters / Photo By Lenovo

Team members Ageless Shooters proves that age is not a hindrance for a new hobby and break stereotypes about habitual activities in age 55+.

What is known about Counter-Strike: Global Offensive?
This is one of the most popular computer games of our time, in which the player participates in the events from the first person. CS: GO is a multiplayer team game where participants compete with each other, raspredelitel into two teams: terrorists and special forces. The game has several scenarios: the bomb defuse and hostage rescue.


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