4 symptoms, which may indicate early Parkinson’s disease

Finnish scientists found that the development of Parkinson’s disease may lead antibiotics, but the disease can occur in the intestine long before the typical symptoms.

The expression “Parkinson’s disease” is associated with many elderly people who are shaking. However, before the advent of the shiver in the development of this affliction can indicate other symptoms sometimes manifested years before diagnosis, found the portal MedikForum.ru.

Constipation. On a recent study of Finnish experts wrote in the journal Medical Xpress. The researchers stated that the use of popular antibiotics (e.g., tetracyclines, sulfonamides, antifungal agents) may affect the appearance of Parkinson’s disease another 10-15 years before the appearance of its characteristic features. According to the researchers, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome and inflammatory bowel disease, arising in connection with the use of antibiotics, speak about an increased risk of developing Parkinson’s disease.

“A significant proportion of people suffering from Parkinson’s disease, pathology can occur in the intestines for years before displaying symptoms. Patients with Parkinson’s disease the intestinal microflora is abnormal, and this, we believe, potentially relevant use of certain common antibiotics,” – said the head of the research group of Philip Siberians.

Some doctors believe that the constipation that develops in an adult, can be one of the earliest signs of Parkinson’s disease, occurring 20 years before diagnosis.

Loss of sense of smell. People who are diagnosed with “Parkinson’s disease”, remember that a few years before they had a tremor, or other problems with physical activity, they have been changes in sense of smell associated with the loss of the ability to feel any smells. A relative of the author of the article also suffers from Parkinson’s disease. One of the signs that allowed her to suspect, was the fact that people no longer perceive the smell of garlic.

Restless nights. There is such a medical problem as a violation of REM sleep, to diagnose which is possible only through special studies. Externally, this violation manifests itself as a very restless sleep – people moan and cry in her sleep, tossing in bed, falling out of bed, sometimes even hurt themselves or sleeping outside partner, although the revival did not remember. Dreams of such people is often disturbing and unpleasant.

The presence of such violations also indicates an increased risk of Parkinson’s disease. If it occurs in an adult, the disease may develop in the 10 years after that.

Anxiety and depression. Increased anxiety and depression, in addition to the usual UPS and downs of everyday life, is one of the biggest problems reported by people with Parkinson’s disease. Many of these patients say to them, these mental changes were even more severe test than changes in physical activity. Scientists believe that this may be related to changes in the balance of chemical activity in the brain, and these changes begin around 10 years before the diagnosis of parkinsonism.


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