4 simple ways to “disable” in the evening head to sleep

Restless Duma tend to worsen late in the evening, not allowing the person to sleep, – but there is a simple way to disable the head and off to sleep. For example, to perform muscle relaxing exercise or listen to a lullaby.

As reported MedikForum.ru, simple ways to help you sleep, was published by the magazine Freundin. One of them is to record on paper what is bothering you, or that you are afraid to forget and diligently try to commit to memory. This trick relieves mental tension, helps to calm down.

Another simple method is to relax the muscles. In the evening if you toss and turn in bed because of the Intrusive thoughts and “disable” the head will help a simple exercise. Tighten your body’s muscles and begin to gradually relax them. This technique helps to distract from the disturbing thoughts, as well as provides relaxation, allowing you to sleep peacefully.

Use a heavy blanket, it is also one of the ways. Heavy duvet works as a hug, bringing calm. Scientists have concluded: it causes the brain to calm the neurotransmitters, thereby reducing the time of immersion in a deep sleep.

Also helps to “dissing” the head in the evening listening to a lullaby

“This may sound strange, but the effect is soothing with lullaby is no different in adults and children. Songs with a rhythm of 50 to 60 beats per minute will ensure that your heartbeat adjusts to it, and thus, the voltage automatically goes. It is important that songs were not memorable,” gave advice to the sleep.


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