19 – the most successful year for Apple since 2009?

Formally – Yes. In late 2009 the stock has increased 2.3 times compared to the beginning of the year. On Friday 27 December at the close of trading, the stock surpassed the rate with which closed this year’s first auction January 2, 2019 1.83 times. However it is not a fact – until the end of the year a whole day of trading, but it is obvious that over the last 10 years nothing like this has happened. To change this in one day is impossible. Of course. sometimes companies is possible, but for this to happen something very strange. While it did not come.

For decades there were UPS and downs, but unstoppable sought up. In mid-2018, Apple became the second company in history with a market capitalization of $ 1 trillion. And when you consider some of the features of the first case, lets not take it seriously, Apple can be considered the first. The fact that the company managed to achieve this, in addition to really outstanding merits, are guilty and inflation, without which this could not happen. For a long time to stay on top failed. At the end of the 2018 Apple disappointed the market, and iPhone XS iPhone XS Max is clearly sold badly, and by the end of the year, the company’s stock fell to its lowest level in 2018 values. And the first this year auction (Jan 2) closed at 157,92. Then everything was even worse – it’s one thing to suspect that sales of the flagship models of the iPhone something wrong, and another to learn about it from the officials of the company. The rate fell even lower, to 142.00. Even more successful 2009, also preceded the fall of the stock price. That year was a “most successful”, as it should have assumed in the previous, and then, just simply, to correct mistakes. It is not necessary.

Predictions of enthusiastic Amateurs

People want holiday. On Friday 27 December, when the auction ended at around 289,90 learn about it and the fact that experts have compared the situation with what happened ten years ago, Amateurs quickly multiplies of 1.83 at the current rate, and happily assumed that by the end of 2020 the stock of their favorite company will reach approximately 591 USD. Still – for this year predict so many wonderful innovations and 5G, and three-dimensional video camera, and an incredible new screens like no-other. Actually, if you remember that even in 2010 (when the first iPad), and in the following years, this growth rate was not (although from a financial point of view, Apple has been successful as never before), something like that is unlikely. But that’s not all.

27 Dec no one knew what mark will end this year. Ahead were two of the trading day on the new York stock exchange, NASDAQ, 30 and 31 December. Could happen anything happened. The first of these days is behind us and the weather on the market 30 Dec 2019 moderately deteriorated. Dropped the indices of the S&038;P 500 and Dow Jones, 0.64 and 0.58 percent. And this could not affect the quotations of the majority of players. For AAPL (that’s Apple’s code designation on the NASDAQ) the day started not too well. In the first hour the stock dropped to 285,54 dollar. Nothing special, ordinary phenomenon. Maybe someone got rid of a decent size stake. Short-term fluctuations occur constantly. The course then went back on the rise, and by the end of the day he rose by 1.72% to 291,52. But according to analysts, at this time, “the market was put on pause”. Against this background, it is a success, Apple is the hero of the day, but all of this together did, in fact, it does not. There is still one day.

Monday 30 Dec Apple and failed to overcome, or at least to reach again its historical maximum in 293,97. But among the most important players of Apple is almost the only was in the black. Thus, neither market capitalization nor its reputation in the eyes of experts and analysts, nor the attitude of those who does not feel any of the sympathy has not changed. It was an ordinary day on the NASDAQ, quotes which on this day were also reduced.

Apple’s Competitors

In 2009 (which many compared this year) for financial market suffered something of a coup. Leaders it became an IT company. Resource companies, the same supranational monopolies, which in Soviet times told the horror was pushed aside on the second plan. The oil of the 21st century was like, intelligence. In 2019 the first in the world by market capitalization again took the oil company from Saudi Arabia, Saudi Aramco. In our world things are not so simple, and the stamps are just stamps, though the total capitalization of Apple and Microsoft (of 1.28 and 1.21 trillion) is still higher than Saudi Aramco (2.1 trillion).

December 30, the stock price of Microsoft (MSFT) fell slightly, down 0.86%. Other leaders of the IT-market, this day too was not too successful. The company Alphabet, which is actually Google, the stock price and market capitalization declined by 1.17% and Facebook by 1.77%, while Amazon, which in 2018, according to experts, was supposed to be the next IT-company with a market capitalization of a trillion dollars (and only then) – 1.23%. But there is still one day and the last trades of the year.


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