when to watch and see whether its the Ukrainians

On Sunday earthlings waiting for a new lunar Eclipse. It will polucheniem. Kiev time this phenomenon will begin at dawn on 5 July.

As previously reported, 24 channel, this is the second penumbral lunar Eclipse from the beginning of the summer. In particular, in the night from 5 to 6 June, can be seen like an Eclipse. It could be seen by the Ukrainians.

Where and when to watch

In Kiev, the Eclipse will begin at dawn on July 5 in 6:07. The maximum phase will come at 7:29. And in General will last 2 hours and 45 minutes.

Lunar Eclipse 2020: where to be seen / Screenshot

It is best to be seen for residents of Central and South America. But for most of Europe, including for Ukraine, the Eclipse will not be visible.

Therefore, the Ukrainians can see the penumbral Eclipse online.

What is penumbral lunar Eclipse?

This kind of lunar Eclipse, when the Moon enters only the penumbra of the Earth. This type of Eclipse is hardly noticeable to the naked eye its hard to see, so it is better to use special equipment.

In General, 35% of all eclipses will relate to semi-transparent type. Another 35% is total Eclipse, which happens much less frequently, but they are much brighter and clearly visible from the Ground.

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