6 Nov 2018 – what a holiday today in Ukraine and that is not possible

6 November 2018 celebrated the feast of the miraculous icon of the Mother of God called “Joy of All who sorrow”. The icon depicts the virgin Mary surrounded by the sick and grieving people, but also angels who do generous and kind things. from these days has begun a winter girls ‘ night out. The girls began doing arts and crafts, sang songs and talked about the future.

Usually on this day it was customary to worship the icon of the Sorrowful Mother of God and ask her to deliver them from sorrow and disease. The icon of the Mother of God “Joy of All who sorrow” was glorified chudotvory in 1688. Holy mother of God healed a terminally ill person. She has to pray in moments of despair, in the most difficult time and it will definitely help.

The name day is celebrated on 6 November: Alex, Ivan, Lawrence, Nicholas, Peter.

Folk omens on November 6

– Fall into the pit 6 Nov – a long and happy life.

– If on the way home to see behind the white dog to rich, happy and carefree life all year.

– If the crows are arranged in the sky dances to the snowfall.

The Raven croaks – to Blizzard.

What you can do on 6 November

1. To buy or sell this day a house or apartment – to the successful result of the operation. They say that this day brings great success.

2. Say, if you bring 6 November cockroaches out of the house – they permanently leave your home.

What not to do November 6

1. This day should be very careful with the dishes. Accidentally break a plate to someone’s death during the year.

2. If breaking a mirror to big trouble. So this day is pretty sure that nothing slipped out of his hands.

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