6 non-obvious reasons that cause weight gain

Speaking about non-obvious causes that can cause weight gain, experts identify the disorders of insulin production, stress, age, inadequate assessment of calories consumed.

As reported MedikForum.ru sometimes weight gain can cause non-obvious reasons. If you notice increasing fullness, not knowing what caused it, check the condition of the hormones.

High insulin levels. Hormone “managed” by a process of removing glucose from the blood and stored in muscles and liver, where it transformered into glycogen (energy saving during the famine). Constantly high insulin increases glukagonovykh reserves that is converted to fat. Also at the same time develop insulin resistance, prediabetes and full-blown type 2 diabetes.

Hypothyroidism. The thyroid gland does not produce enough hormones, resulting in slowed metabolism, leading to weight gain.

Stress and lack of sleep. According to the doctor of medicine, specialist of obesity NYU Langone Health Alexandra Sova, these non-obvious reasons for calling a cascade of hormonal changes that alter metabolism, provoke abnormal hunger and an increase in consumption of food and fullness.

Misjudging the amount of food. The study, researchers from the University of Liverpool shows that many people do not realize that eat more than. With age the natural the body’s need for calories decreases owing to the deceleration of biochemical processes, reduction in muscle mass. If a person is used to eating a lot in his youth, and does not limit himself becoming older, he will inevitably gain weight, the body just will not have time to burn calories

Excess calories from healthy foods. Another obvious cause of weight gain. Professor of nutrition (Laval University, Quebec) Veronique Provencher says: when people eat something useful, they do not have Association with obesity. This often helps to ensure that the products related to healthy eating, are used uncontrollably in large numbers. There is an excess of calories that can cause weight gain.

Ignoring circadian rhythms. People often eat as they see fit, their Breakfast may consist of a Cup of coffee and a sandwich, because “there does not want to.” But in accordance with circadian rhythms after waking up the body needs to get enough food, providing it with energy. Day and night you need to eat less. Violation of this regime is one of the common causes of “mysterious” weight gain.


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